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Man romances wife, lands in trouble

By Sunmola Olowookere


With the surplus of women in our society, it never ceases to be amazing that some men still prefer to go for the married women which they should see as forbidden. What could be the attraction?
A man has cast his lustful gaze on his neighbour’s wife and all hell is about to be let loose. “Concerned” neighbours that had been observing the duo for some time had intimated his wife of the ongoing romance between her husband and their neighbour.
The neighbour wife is a young delectable woman, half her husband’s age who has caught the fancy of the man.
“What a callous world we live in! A man gives you the opportunity to live in this house for a very minimal fee yet you feel the best way to pay back is to seduce his wife. You are a terrible man. I don’t blame you but I blame a woman stupid enough to be involved with her husband’s tenant”.
These were the words of the man as the man’s wife engaged her husband’s lover in a fiery fight, screaming at the top of her lungs ”you this useless woman, you think I had not sensed what was going on between you and my husband. I have been noticing the way he will stop at your shop whenever he comes back from work and stay there for hours before coming inside to meet me, his wife.”
The other woman had jumped at her, giving her a stinging slap on the cheek, ”do you know the meaning of what is coming out of your month? Me, having an affair with your husband! Is it the devil that sent you ? I want to tell you that you have failed. You want to spoil my marriage, God will not allow you. Infact, I will kill you first.”
With that, she grabbed the woman’s shirt front and hit her. The men rushed to separate them with the man chiding his lover, “Mummy Kola, do you need to join issues with her? Especially with the position she is in presently, she could get miscarriage and . people will forget her callousness and blame you for hurting her. Don’t allow her to ‘ implicate you. We all know her to be a mad woman. let only her dwell in her madness.”
This had further incensed the woman who sank her teeth into her husband’s chest while the man screamed with pain. However, he could not beat her as he was obviously tempted to because she was heavily pregnant.
The neighbours who had watched discreetly from behind their window screens and curtains came out and cautioned them. “ It is enough now. Are you the only one in the neighbourhood. Are you not even ashamed of yourself? People must not hear of this madness” .
All these admonitions fell on deaf ears as the pregnant woman who seems to have the strength of ten horses put together charged at the neighbour’s wife again. ”Swear! Swear truly if you are not having an affair with my’_ husband. Since we came into this house, he has changed towards me. He fights me at the slightest opportunity. Overnight, he has become so provocative. I know that you are the one turning him against me.”
The neighbour’s wife goaded, sneered at her ”nylon bag wife, you are too hotheaded. You will soon carry your nylon bag and go back to where you come from.”
She too had fired back ”what about you? What do you use to carry your things here? Ghana Must Go? Is this your first husband’s house? Tell me and let the whole world hear. Were you not selling paraga and whoring yourself when this unfortunate old man met you and married you out of pity?”
This revealed secret was too much for Mummy Kola who rushed at the nasty woman with fists flailing. The pregnant woman fell to the floor with a thud at the onslaught and screamed loudly ”yee! You have killed me, o! You have aborted my pregnancy! It is police that will settle it for us today.”
The husband rushed to pull her up. But she pushed him away and instructed him ”go and call the police quickly, they will meet me on the ground her. This woman beat me up despite my pregnant state.”
The husband tried to drag her inside the room while she was screaming like a banshee. ”Ehn! You don’t want to go because she is your lover, abi? You will see yourself today!” It was a terrible and demeaning scene.

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