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Mango farming

Know the Varieties
It is advisable to know the type of mango you want to go for. Some mangoes are high in demand, like the Alphonso mango (sweet mango), Lipens mango, kerosene mango, German mango, and others.
Get a Location
Getting a good location that has a good and suitable soil will contribute to your mango production.
Loamy soil is regarded to be the best soil for growing mango. Mango requires a soil that can hold water and also slowly dry them. Your chosen location must not interfere with any buildings, overhead power or underground plumbing.
Land Preparation
Mango planting should be done after you must have prepared your land. The land can be prepared by leveling, deep ridging and creating slops that will allow good drainage.
Planting of mango is normally during the month of July to August and also in the months of February to March for proper yield and maximum development.
Pruning a mango tree is very important because it provides access for branches to develop very well, knowing that branches are where the fruits develop. Pruning mango trees helps to maintain height and also enhances flowering and fruiting.
Pest and Diseases Control
Pest normally affects the mango, most especially at their tender stage, using the right pest control that can help to effectively control or reduce it. It is advisable to make use of a particular pesticide for controlling mango pests.
Irrigation in Mango Farming
Mango trees are regarded to be strong in nature and require a small quantity of water than other commercial fruit tree development such as banana farming. Irrigation is necessary during an interval of two to three days or normally in the first year of your mango farming.
At about an interval of 10 to 15 days, it is advisable to provide water to those bearing plants. And irrigation can stop after their full growth.
Mango planting should be done at the beginning of the rainy season, because of the lower risk of the plant in the rainy season. Mango farming should be done during the month of July to August and is regarded to be the best season to plant mangoes. And mangoes can also be planted in the irrigation region from February to March.
Tree Spacing will help to determine how many trees that will be required. Spacing in mango farming affects growth, yield, and management practices.
Manure and Fertilizer Application
The soil should have high essential organic matter such as potash, nitrogen, boron, phosphorus, etc. that will help to block your fruit farm from some diseases. It is important to apply fertilizers and manure for up to ten years of planting the mango tree, each and every year after planting.


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