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Meeting new neighbours

By Lola Omowaye
Getting along well with your neighbors is important and enables you be certain that you are living saving in the neighborhood,  Clear and consistent communication is key in this type of relationship. Introduce yourself to your neighbors and then stay in contact over time.  In order to win your neighbour try to be courteous by keeping your noise levels low and your own space well-maintained.

Moving to a new home usually means getting to know new neighbors, and while many of us would like to know the people next door, there is not always time to meet as you need to do lots of unpacking and arrangement. While meeting new neighbors may not be high on your priority list after a move, many a time we do not get to know our neighbors but knowing them will help us feel more settled both into our new home and neighborhood. Knowing your neighbors, however, provides a safer environment, one where people are looking out for each other, which may lead into a strong, long-lasting friendships.

If you live in a duplex or apartment, you might end up sharing responsibility for a entrance, or yard with your neighbors. Do your part to keep these places as nice as possible by removing or carefully storing your personal items, and clean it up whenever its dirty

We all have busy schedules, so make sure you only approach your neighbor when it seems like it could be a good time. Avoid dinner, breakfast and early mornings (unless they are already up and outside, and when they are getting in their car) talks. Usually, if someone is leaving or coming home, they have their day planned, so do not necessarily interrupt them.

Be friendly, but not invasive. When trying to get to know your neighbor,  always keep the talk short unless it’s naturally flows. No matter how enger you are to be close to your neighbors allow him or her to make a move for an extended visit. If they are interested, they will say so or even invite you in. Do not bore them.

Put your trash out at the right time and day. Issues with dirt could be so disturbing sometimes and makes you start on a wrong foot with your neighbors. To keep your neighbors happy and your environment tidy, clean  your home, take out your trash as scheduled. Also, use the correct trash containers, If trash day passes and you notice that a particular item has not been picked up, pick it up and keep it in the dust bin till the next time .

Keep your pets quiet and under control. Have your animals fully vaccinated, licensed, and on a leash when in your front yard.

Introduce yourself. If you have recently moved in, go over to your neighbors and say “hello.” If you have lived in an area for a while, then take the initiative and reach out to new neighbours yourself. As part of welcoming someone to the area, feel free to offer them a small moving in help.

Avoid gossiping about any issues with your neighbor to other neighbors or people in the community. This only creates additional problems.

Give your neighbors notice before parties. If you plan on having many people coming over, it never hurts to give your neighbors a heads up. This lets them determine if they will need to park elsewhere. It also alerts them that most of ‘new’ people will be in the neighborhood and that it might get loud.

A great way to meet your new neighbors is to spend time outdoors, in your garden or if you have a front porch, use it. It is easier to meet people when they approach you first. Make sure you spend time outside after work hours or on weekends.

Stay calm when talking with your neighbor. If your neighbor comes to you with a problem, it is important to respond calmly and rationally. Start by answering calmly . Deal with any problems face to face. If you have any issue that involves your neighbor, it is important to act fast. Giving your neighbor a chance to come up with a solution is a better way to foster good relationship.

Do your neighbors a favor when possible. If you see your neighbor struggling with a package, offer to help them.  If you are helpful to your neighbors, do not feel ashamed when you need to reach out for assistance as well.

Moving in is tasking as well as meeting new neighbors. Be yourself and polite to people around you. It takes time for people to adjust to new neighbors, so be patient.

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