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Miscreants vandalise Oba Adesida median divide

By Fatima Muraina


Prominent and concerned citizens have called on the Ondo State Government to roll out tough punitive measures against deviants jumping over the median device along Oba Adesida road, Akure the Ondo State capital.

The concerned people who spoke in separate interviews with The Hope called for urgent government’s intervention to punish offenders so as to serve as deterrent to others.
They said such people are embarking on a suicide mission as they might get injured or be killed while squeezing themselves through the divide.

The Hope investigation showed that many people including traders breach the rule by scaling the median, erected along the Oba Adesida road from Old garage to ESSO junction.

A vulcanizer along Oba Adesida road, Mr Raji Aliu said such violators should be charged for criminal offence because only criminals would risk his or her life to scale the fence.
“No responsible parent will allow his or her child to jump over such fence with iron rods placed at the top. They have even gone to the extent of bending some of the rods like in front of the market junction for easy passage,” he noted.

Aliu, who described the situation as very dangerous, charged government to restore sanity within a week while calling on people to abide by government’s order.

He recalled a day when a man jumped over the fence, but was unlucky as one of the rods pierced through his leg and was taken to the hospital by some Okada riders.

A taxi driver, Mr Lasisi Yusuff said those who jump over the fence have sacrificed themselves and must be made to face whatever consequences they got from there daring escapades.

“What if they jumped on an incoming vehicle or got stucked in the process of forcing themselves through the small passage in-between the fence? It is their cup of tea.

overnment has done the best it could to protect the citizens,” he said.

Mr Adebayo Adebayo said the state government should be able to make orders regarding the median device and implement it so people can abide by the law of the state.

He urged government to take drastic action and bring the culprits to book.

”If government used one person as a scape goat, it will serve as a deterrent to others.”
According to him, government has put the right thing on the road because it has reduced traffic congestion to the barest minimum and snatching of bags by hoodlums has also reduced.

While appreciating the Ondo State Governor for making the state a civilised one, he advised government to put security agents along that place and as it has done with the flyover bridge.

A food stuff trader, Miss Mojisola Fadare, observed that punishments should be meted on any erring person and urged the government to increase the number of pedestrian bridges to make things easy for pedestrians.

Fadare also observed that the only existing bridge should be looked into because it is slippery and dangerous for people using it.

A tomato trader, Mrs Adenike Adebayo said the median device does not affect her as she has developed ways of doing her shopping.

“When I am coming from the Shasha market, I alight and cross over to board a taxi to my shop whenever I decide to get what I need along Arakale,” she said.

According to one Mrs Ronke Ajayi, she said everything has its advantages and disadvantages and urged the people to live with the discomforts being caused by the median.

“People should obey government rules, though going through a distance to climb the pedestrian bridge is very stressful for me too. Government should help erect more pedestrian bridges and look into the existing one making people to fall down,” she explained.


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