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Miserly  people

By Prophet Abraham Aanu Aderibigbe
To have a miserly character is a curse,  this  explains why miserly people are poor. Such people are not only tight fisted to others and God but also to themselves.

Let us now examine what the scripture says about being hard to give and its implications. Proverb 3:9-10 says: “Honour the Lord with your  substance  and with  the first fruits of all  thine increase so shall thy barns be filled  with plenty  and  thy presses  shall burst out with new wine”.  Note the reverse  will be the  case and this happens to be the lots of the miserly people.

One man gives freely yet gain even more. Another (miser) withholds unduly but comes to poverty.

A bribe is seen as a charm at every turn by the one who gives it. They think success will come.

Proverb 18:16- A gift open the way for giver and usher him into the presence of the great.

Prov 22:9 – The  generous will  themselves be blessed, for  they shares  their  food with the poor.

Proverb 28:27 – Those  who gives to the poor will lack nothing, but those who close their  eyes to then receives many curses.

From the above verses there is nothing good in stock for the miserly people having the instruction. Givers never lack pasted on their car & doors. They know what there are doing.

Therefore miserly people should have a change of attitude, they should learn to give to God and man as well, this is the only antidote to poverty in this regard.

Tells us about the tightfisted people who fail to assist those in need that they will not only get power, but also end up in hell.




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