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Money, root of all evil?

Money, root of all evil?

With Sunmola Olowookere
Over the ages, humans have developed the penchant for shifting blames and dodging responsibilities. Which is why they probably coined the saying “money is the root of all evil”.

Why would money be the root of evil? Money is beautiful, calming, encouraging; to mention just a few benefits. Moreover, it answers all things. Hence, how could it be evil?

Human beings! why do innocent bystanders get to take the blame for what they know next to nothing about while the culprits become victim?

If an accident occurs why is it that people who err sprang up in self defense and blame a hapless, mouthless, handless and defenseless objects or people for their woes? We often find it hard to own up to our faults.

When gluttonous men who have insatiable quest for money misappropriate or embezzle money kept in their coffers, they are quick to blame money for their woes.

You would hear them claim that “money is the root of all evils”. Or they simply heap the blame on the devil’s ever receptive head.

Our neighbourhood is currently going through a scandal in which a Man of God was allegedly involved. In this scandal also, money was involved.

The Man of God who is the chairman of our Landlords Association and the secretary are having a hard time accounting for the security guard fees that members had been contributing with the executives of the association.

Trouble erupted at the last meeting after tension had been rumbling amidst the landlords group following the withdrawal of the services of the security guard who complained of not being paid in the last three months.

 It was a shock to the residents as they claimed that most of them had paid their contributions up to date.

Hence they could not help wondering ” why was the security guard not paid?

“was there no money on ground?

” if yes, where did all the money contributed in the last three months go? “

Tongues wagged. Suspicion was rife. Feelings were hot and the landlords were determined to have it out with their executives on the next meeting.

Before the next meeting, there were premeetings. Some went to meet the chairman, especially his cronies and he pleaded with them to wait till the next meeting so that the secretary could adequately and accurately brief the whole house of the account.

However, the meeting was not fruitful as the secretary could not produce a comprehensive list of those that contributed money.

His statement that some of the monies were with the chairman did not sit well with the members especially those that had met the chairman prior to the meeting.

Every aspect of the whole deal gave off a foul smell.

However, members were persuaded to wait till the next meeting. Things came to a head at the next meeting as the secretary who was to give accurate account about the association’s money supposedly absconded.

There was a ruckus as the landlords accused the executive of not running a transparent administration. Why would the secretary refuse to attend the meeting on the day he promised to bring comprehensive record of accounts?

The chairman too had no concrete explanation for the non payment of the security guard’s salary and could not put forward any reason for the secretary’s absence or not sending in the report at least.

Rather than calm the agitators, he felt offended and also shouted at the members

“Please mind how you talk to me. By the grace of God, I am a pastor. Please don’t insult the anointing of God upon my life. The insults are becoming too much. How do you know your money has been embezzled?”

The members threatened not to pay any monies to the executives again. The meeting ended a fiasco.

Owena Press Limited (Publisher of The Hope Newspaper), Akure

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