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Mr President do it right

By Theo Adebowale


General Muhammadu Buhari became elected President, Federal Republic of Nigeria 2015 following the overwhelming electoral victory, he received in the contest. Sai Buhari was the slogan of the moment. He had not only trounced the incumbent at the polls, he had made him unpopular and a persona non grata, threatening that if he was not returned at the polls, Nigeria would be ungovernable for him. As soon as General Buhari was declared winner, Dr Goodluck Jonathan knew he had to pack and go.
And so he did. And the new man in the saddle began to show himself. He belonged to everyone but belonged to no one in particular. By the time his kitchen and executive cabinets emerged, one thing was clear, ethno-religious coloration would be prominent in his policy making process. Again, it was clear that he has no time for too much talk. Then, falling ill, it was considered unfair to subject him to unnecessary pressure. The system seemed to have learnt from Yar’ Adua experience so acrimony including press war was reduced as political gladiators engaged in scheming. The Vice President and the EXCO performed their constitutional functions while the informal power mongers had their way. Director State Security seemed to have erred and was removed but his ‘manhood continues to ask for vengeance. It would take coronavirus pandemic to intervene and resolve power tussle at a critical point. The service chiefs were hale and hearty at duty posts, but insurgency and banditry were also multiplying as insecurity and economic sabotage became a more present phenomenon. Many felt the service chiefs had outlived their usefulness and so they should go. Mr President would not hear of it. He extended their tenure even beyond retirement age.
Fulani herdsmen would not miss the opportunity. They unleash kidnapping, rape, and banditry generally began to foster. Strategic location of Fulani personnel at various security agencies ensures they escape with nefarious activities with impunity when the locals attempted to bring them to book. Security agents would descend on them, and GMB would send a message to the victim to learn to maintain peace with their neighbours!
The various political organisations of the Northern Nigeria would not hear of any state or zone making efforts to boost security. They believe they are targets of such efforts. Whereas it was in order to set up outfits to enforce religious observancies for Islam in a secular state, they cannot stand a situation where their brother can be apprehended or prosecuted for criminalities and the President could not blink.
Fulani herdsmen got to a farm stead when the wife had just set the table of pounded yam before the husband. They sat at the table and consumed the food, after which they gagged the husband, bound him and raped his wife. Ekiti State Public Command could not take action, and Northern political elites believe, no one must interrupt the pattern.
It has also been speculated that EFCC and ICPC are diligent in prosecuting politicians and politically exposed persons with litigations, they ensure their conviction. But when it comes to Christians, they are so diligent. This is one of the ways to ensure that there would be enough fund to prove the colonization of the Nigerian territory.
It is unfortunate that the APC Presidential candidate that was marketed across party line, beyond ethno religious parochialism has been reduced to an ethnic jingoist losing charisma and the promise to deliver a new Nigeria where corruption vanishes and rule of law prevails.
How come ye that are bestowed with political authority in Africa made a dramatic u-turn and disappoint the gods? Why do you sacrifice the eminent portion seemingly, carved out for you in the history of a modern state to push yourself into obscurity where your descendants would not be happy to fund you.
The recommendations on your candidacy were too robust, too promising and too assuring to be wasted.
President Buhari, awake from this political slumber, assume your rightful place among political giants. This political misadventure leads to nowhere. Your place is among political great men, you cannot afford to lose the great opportunity to make history.


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