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My dream is to become a worldwide premium model

My dream is to become a worldwide premium model
By Olaoluwa Omolafe

An Akure based model, Adesemoye Sarah, has said that her dream career as a model is to become a worldwide premium model while paving way for more people to have a place in the industry.

Adesemoye Sarah, a 400 Level student of Federal University of Technology, Akure is a model artist who ventured into modeling in the year 2015 despite several odds and challenges she faced before and after deciding to join modeling but has now made a headway.

Sarah once emerged as the first runner up of the 2017 beauty pageant in Miss Charming Nigeria beauty contest, bringing her to limelight in the modeling industry.

Sarah, popularly known as Miss Charming Nigeria has shared her experiences as an excellent model with Friday Extravaganza in an interview with her.

Tell us about your dream career as a model.

My dream career as  a model is to become a worldwide premium model while paving way for more people to have a place in the industry.

What prompted you into modeling?

It was passion and a spark for change. Right from when I was small, I’ve always pictured myself on all those billboards  and  products, and all, but in 2014, when I suggested it to my parents that I want to become a model, they said no, because they believe models are sluts and indecent people. Quite a lot of people think the same way too, so I made up my mind that I’d be different if I do this, and I’d make sure I impact differently and change many people’s perspective of the profession, as much as I can do. I started in November  2015.

Tell us about your successes so far.

Well, I’ve done countless photoshoots for both services and products, I’ve won a pageantry in the year 2017, I’ve been signed as ambassador for products, I’ve been invited as model instructor or judge for castings and pageants several times. I’ve risen to the peak in my career where others who are just coming up look up to me for mentoring, that’s my definition of success.

Ever since you started modeling, has there been any challenge at all?

Yeah, everyone loves my skin colour, but I always have this challenge of height qualification in the industry. I’m not tall enough to register for this or be signed as this. Also, I’m more of an Akure based person, it’s hard to find paying modeling jobs here, everyone wants a collaboration with you.

How will you earn money from your profession if you keep collaborating?

The paying jobs are in Lagos, and the Lagos modeling market is quite saturated already. So you have to pave a path for yourself.

Have you ever for once thought of quitting modeling?

Several times, when I feel like things ain’t working out, I’m not getting jobs, rejections here and there. Trust me, I didn’t think of quitting alone, I cried many times because of it.

Many people think modeling is a dirty career, what’s your say on that?

This is a general perspective and it’s hard to change that. But I’d like the public to know that being dirty in this career is a “choice”. I’ve gotten some tempting but defying offers in my career quite a number of times, but I chose to turn them all down. Every model has a decision to make, whether they want to go bad or hold on to their morals and values.

But this profession is not a dirty profession. It is as normal and good as other professions out there.

Do you have anyone as a role model in the career ?

Well, I can’t say yes or no. Someone like Naomi Campbell has risen to the peak and every model wish they can get there as well. But looking at her values, she’s still not my perfect role model.

What’s your advice to people who also desire to join modeling?

My advice is that they shouldn’t be in a hurry to become famous, take your time through the processes of growth, so that you’d be able to sustain your fame when it comes. Also, modeling isn’t just about you being beautiful or not, you have to have good attitudes as well. Also, be careful of what you post on your social media, someone somewhere might be watching.

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