‘My father wanted me to be businessman’

‘My father wanted me to be businessman’

By Itunnu Oloyede
An Akure based comedian/emcee, William Nwaruo popularly known as MC Willy Mouth has said that it was not easy to cope with his father’s decision when he dabbled into comedy because his father wanted him to become a businessman but with time, his father supported him.

The comedian during an interview with Friday Extravaganza at a leadership program has explained what prompted him into comedy.

“I dabbed into comedy due to my talent, the passion, vision and mind set I have for it. When I started, my father was so mad at me when he heard about me dabbling into comedy, he asked me if comedy was what he told me to do. As an ibo man, he compared me with other ibo children who are now businessmen but my mother, always ask me if being a comedian would earn me little money at least to change my shoes and clothes. With time, when my father saw the passion I have for comedy, he started supporting me. In fact, if I wanted to go for a show and I did not have transportation fee, my father will be the one to give me”.

In his words, I have been into comedy since I was in secondary school but went into it fully when I graduated from secondary school. Normally, I started with my friends then during breaktime and crack jokes for them.

“My first performance was during a Christmas carol at my church, Sacred Heart Cathedral Catholic Church along Oyemekun road, Akure”.

MC Willy Mouth who mentioned his mentors and role models in likes of Blac Moses, Master Noel Bada, Reverend Anthony Oyedele, Reverend Anselm Ologunwa and  Seyi Law.

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“My mentors really help me grow in my carreer as a comedian and I do enjoy Seyi Law whenever he uses Yoruba to crack jokes”

He mentioned the challenges he faced when he started comedy which include discouragement and stage fright.

“When I started, it was not easy, it got to a time I wanted to give up because I was discouraged and embarrassed. I could remember vividly when I was invited to perform at a night show that I was so eager because I was told that bouncers will not allow anyone who wore sandal or palm to come in for the show. So I got to the place some hours before the show, the show started by 12 midnight but I noticed that people coming in for the show are not the kind of people I could crack Christian jokes for and will laugh due to the fact that the place is a club and I have not crack jokes in club before only in churches.”

“When I was called on stage for my performance, I do not know what to say eventually, I cracked Christian jokes in club which makes the audience mad at me and shouted I should leave the stage. I was embarrassed that it got to a point I wished I could see a bike to take me home that night.”

“When I got home the next day, I feel like tearing my comedy books but one of my brother encouraged me not to lose hope and focus. Also, I had challenge with stage fright I remember when I was invited to perform at Agape church during one of their programs that involves a lot of crowd but with time I get over it”.

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“Do not sit at home and relax without doing anything, heaven help those who help themselves. “For instance, I am an On air presenter at breez 91.9 fm, Akure. Do not think one boss somewhere will just help you without you helping yourself, just keep striving because one day you will surely get to your highest peak,” he urged.

“Though it is not easy to juggle two or three things together at a time but when you have passion for something, you will actually find a way to balance it”.

He also urged parents not to curb their children from doing things they have passion for.

“As an upcoming note that nobody is going to confuse you the way you confuse yourself and nobody is going to correct you the way you correct yourself. Everybody have his or her own choice, your parent’s choice is differ from yours.

Go for what you it will benefit you in a positive way, people think comedy is a useless job but you just have to convince them through your passion. Follow up your dream and passion and do not allow anyone to stop you”.

‘My father wanted me to be businessman’

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‘My father wanted me to be businessman’

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  1. Rita Albert
    20th Sep 2019 Reply

    I really admire your courage MC Willymouth.
    May you be prosperous.

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