My ordeal in kidnappers’ den – Ekiti Petrol dealer

Victor Akinkuolie, Ado-Ekiti


The 72-year-old Ekiti petrol dealer, Alhaji Suleiman Akinbami, who recently regained freedom from the hands of his adoptors after spending eight days in their captivity has narrated his ordeal in the hands of the kidnappers.
The Septuagenarian who was admitted in a private hospital within Ado-Ekiti metropolis for urgent medical treatment shortly after he was freed, was discharged at the weekend and has since reunited with his family.
He said he was in his petrol station located along Ado/Ijan Ekiti road on the fateful day, receiving fresh air and monitoring some maintenance currently going on in one of the buildings at the petrol station when the incident occurred.
The petrol marketer said at about 7:30pm four men who were armed with guns and other dangerous weapons suddenly emerged and walked towards his direction and asked him to stand up and moved towards the direction of his Prado jeep and whisked him away.
The physically destruct man said inside the jeep he was tortured and asked to go down flat, apparently to prevent passerby from seeing him, adding that he was also blindfolded with rag for several hours.
The petrol dealer said he couldn’t identify where he was taken to until after eight days, when he was told by one of his adopters during interaction with him that he was in far away Kogi State.
“During the journey, we had two stop overs, the first time was when my vehicle developed fault, they asked me if I installed security on the car, I told them there was nothing of such in the car, they threatening to kill me, but I told them to, open the bonnet of the car that it might be battery fault, immediately they open it they discovered that it was the battery that removed, they fixed it immediately and we continued the journey”
The second stop over we had was when the fuel in the car finished, they tried all possible best to get fuel, but they couldn’t get, we latter slept on the road until they got fuel in the morning .
“We got to a spot at about 9 am the second day, we alighted from the vehicle and trekked for several kilometers inside a forest where I met several other victims in the place. Some were tied with rope while some were not.
“I had a lot of experiences which I could not talk about because of security reason, I also had a lot of conversations with them, we engaged each other, they spoke simple and correct English, they told me that they were graduates of various Universities in the country, they added that since the government could not provide jobs for them, they need to look for ways to survive.”
“They shot a victim in my presence and relocated me to another spot within the forest, throughout the negotiation they gave me bread to eat and water to drink”
On whether ransom was paid, Alhaji Akinbami said he wouldn’t want to speak about that for security reason.
According to him “nobody is safe in this country until. government do the needful by creating more jobs for the masses, especially youths they told me that they were into the crime as a means of survive, after several years of graduating without job.
” When I was freed they told me that I was in Kogi State and showed me the road where I could see my vehicle that was used during the operation”
” I appeal to the government at all levels to provide more employment opportunities for the teeming Nigerians, this would curb the menace of crime in the country. You can imagine somebody sitting down in his house and some people suddenly emerged and showed him gun, asked him to cooperate with them”
“I also want to thank members of my family and residents of Ado-Ekiti, especially the Muslim community over their prayers and support during my sojourn in the kidnappers den,” he stated.

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My ordeal in  kidnappers’  den – Ekiti Petrol dealer

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My ordeal in  kidnappers’  den – Ekiti Petrol dealer

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