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My weakness is money -Abanisiwo

By Damilola Akinmolayan


A popular Nigerian comedian, Adeoye Ojewumi popularly known as ‘Abanisiwo worldwide’ is a Lagos based entertainer, who disclosed that his talents are inborn.

Adeoye in an interview with Friday Extravaganza, hinted that in his career, comedy is always his favorite role.

“I discovered my comedy talent when I was in the secondary school, some people said I was funny and this was when I got inspired to take the role of Master of Ceremony (MC).

“On popular demand in 2017, I became a skit maker and presently I have a comedy group where people of like minds joined me to make name for themselves in the industry.

“Aside from these, I am also a hip hop singer and a song writer, I have so many tracks and music videos. My passion and contribution to the comedy and music industry earned me the comedy name ‘Abanisiwo’ and my music name ‘Adexsexylee worldwide’ from my fans across the globe.

When asked what his greatest strengths and weakness are, Adexsexylee pointed out that seeing his role model gives him the most greatest strength and Joy, my weakness is money but If I have money to do things, noting to worry about. I am good to go.

On what he enjoys most in acting, the comedian stated that acting is fun, there is noting like boredom in acting, there is joy in it.  All round joy.

Speaking on what his favorite film or theater production are, Adeoye hinted that his favorite films are ‘Kasari’ produced by Itele theater productions and ‘Sunami’ produced by Kemity.

He disclosed that he uses Egba, Ekiti, Osun, and Akure dialects in making his comedy skits.


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