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‘My wife dumped me for Yahoo boy’

By Sunmola Olowookere


He seemed bitter as he spoke about his wife but underlying the bitterness was sadness. It was obvious that he loved her still even though she had no further use for him. His eyes looked tired. The eyes were ones that have seen a lot.

He was a taxi driver. As I boarded his taxi, he smiled at me and said “I know you. Do you still recognize me?” I looked at his face but I could not recollect where I met him. He went on “I am Daddy twins, you usually bought goods from my wife before we relocated from your lane.”

I remembered him then and politely enquired about the well-being of the family. He blurted without any reservation “Mummy twins have left me. She now follows Yahoo boys all because of money”. I was taken aback at his words. The man had been very loving and supportive of his wife.

However, It was not unexpected. The woman was shameless in her affairs.

We knew that the day would come when she would dump the poor man. It was a matter of time.

In our neighbourhood, residents have learned to hold their peace and simply look on as the event upholds. Before our very eyes, she transformed from a loving and humble wife into a Jezebel.

She grew so bold that she took a young man into their house. We all strongly suspect that the younger man is her lover. It was very glaring and we all have eyes in our heads. Strangely, the two men co-exist in the same house without any fight.

The wife no longer cares whose ox is gored. She parades her men openly and she is as bold as brass. She wears tops and bum shorts meant for teenagers.

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The years during which she had struggled to make a living from selling tomatoes and peppers were like another life. Now the business has grown. And she could sell fish, ponmo, vegetables along with tomatoes and peppers. She felt on top of the world as business boomed.

She and her husband had to attend to their teeming customers.

At first, they were like siblings as they operated the stall together without any rancour. Soon she began to leave her husband alone at the stall. He did not complain about the load of work.

When we asked for her, her husband would say that she had gone home to cook. Gradually, her lifestyle changed as she became fashion-conscious. Now she wore chains on her wrists, neck, and even her ankles.

She bleached her skin to a tomato colour and was feeling confident about her new look despite some stubborn areas such as the knuckles, ankles, and elbows that refused to go along with the toning plan and were still retaining their former colour.

She became very brazen and uncontrollable for her quiet and unassuming husband.

It was as if she declared herself free to rock her newly found freedom and shocking people’s sensibilities did not deter her from engaging in strange relationships.

The residents of the neighbourhood that saw her with her latest catch are still reeling from the shock as she flaunted the affair right in their inquisitive faces by touching the guy familiarly on the arm and the back.

Mama twins was in the car being driven by her lover who appears to be a Yahoo guy. Why did we think he was a Yahoo guy? It was because he had all the trappings of one.

He was wearing an oversized sweatshirt with a hood and his punk hairstyle had dreads.

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He had on saggy, oversized jeans and sneakers. He had a thick chain on his neck and wrists.

The sound system in his car was blaring one of the latest incomprehensible tracks at full hilt. All cars were grounded due to the traffic holdup. The guy eager to get to their destination was livid at the development.

He turned to her “I’m going to check what is going on up there. Babe, help me to move the car if the traffic moves before I get back.

We could not resist watching stupidly with mouths agape as mama twins stepped down shamelessly from the passenger’s side in matching sweats and jeans to the driver’s side. She even greeted us” good evening ° as she stepped inside the car.

To say that we were stunned would be an understatement. Then, it became clear that the rumours that Mama twins was living with two husbands under her roof had some semblance of truth to them.

However, it seemed she had gotten a new catch.

How people change! Here was a simple woman who sold peppers and tomatoes at a T junction in the neighborhood. Her husband usually carried her in the taxi they bought a few years into the business to the shasha market where the ingredients are sold in bulk. They have three children and they live in peace.

When their business boomed, they were able to erect a covering over their stall. In five years, the husband was able to change his rickety taxi to a moderately new one. Life was good. The husband became busier than the wife.

He would bring the goods from the market, prepare the kids for school, and go to drop them off. Now with the unfolding events, ramourmongers got busy. The wife was accused of hypnotizing her husband with the sole aim of turning him into the wife. His increased house chores, unfortunately, gave credence to the neighbours’ suspicion.

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The wife became a social butterfly overnight. She no longer cares about the home front again. The husband oftentimes sells goods while she does as she pleases.

Soon, she got a salesboy to man the store. She claimed that he was a distant cousin who needed assistance but the grapevine has it that she was having an affair with the man and had brought him home so they could have more time together. The supposed cousin does not treat her as one would treat an older cousin.

Suspicion grew and tongues wagged. What an abomination! Mama twins have got a second husband. We watched in fascination as they all lived together in the same house and some of her neighbours claimed that she goes into the ‘ supposed cousin’s room to sleep sometimes.

It was very strange indeed.

None of her husband’s family comes to visit them and residents wondered if they were not privy to it that their son had been turned to the wife. Had they been coming, she would not have been so confident.

We wondered how long she would be able to keep the two men on a leash.

As the case stands now, she had sent her husband packing and with the help of hoodlums, she claimed all the properties that they bought together as she argued that she bought it from the proceeds of her business. The husband seemed powerless against her and he had no option but to leave with just his shirt over his shoulders.

‘My wife dumped me for Yahoo boy’

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‘My wife dumped me for Yahoo boy’

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