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‘My wife sleeps around’

By Bamidele Kolawole
“My wife is adulterous. There is nobody my wife cannot have sex with. She even did it with her landlord’s son.

This was the testimony of a 56-year-old, Mr Isiaka Babatunde Afunso, while defending himself  in a divorce suit filed by his estranged wife at the Akure Grade B Customary Court.

Mrs Taiwo Afunso, had sought  for the dissolution of  the eight years old relationship, claiming that  the man had neglected her and stopped taking care of her.

“My lord, I thought my husband would take good care of me when he came to approach me, because I saw him as an elderly man.”

The 42-year-old civil servant, told the court that her husband always fought with her both in public and private places, to the extent that each time he beats her, she would be rushed to the hospital.

She accused her husband of threatening her life, which she said did not give her  rest of mind in her matrimonial home.

“My husband collected N500,000 from me and told me that he would add to it to help me buy car since year 2012. Till date, I have not seen neither the car nor the money.

“He does not want my progress. I took my husband to my site to show him my personal project. But  he told me to destroy the foundation and promised to build another one. He went further to  take five cements that I wanted to use at the site, when he was building his filling station.

There was a time that my husband beat me to a state of coma, and destroyed my shop alleging that my ex-husband called me.

He said I should move my property to his  personal house. So, I moved into his house, in March 2018 and packed out of his house in April 2018, because I cannot endure with the suffering that he subjected me to in the house.

She described her husband as trouble maker that does not listen to any explanation.

She prayed the court to grant her claims because she is no longer interested in the association.

In his defence, Mr  Babatunde alleged the petitioner of being the problem of the home.

“My wife married me because of my money. And when I observed her character, I changed my mind. That was why she did not see my money again.

“I sponsored her to school. I spent my money, but yet, she refused to respect me as her husband.

According to the respondent, his wife packed out of his house because she was not comfortable staying in his house.

“There was a time I went to her shop and I met a man that she is having an affairs with. And my wife abused me in his presence, which made me slap her and she broke my wind screen,” he explained.

He therefore urged the court to award the custody of his children to him saying, he would take care of them better than his wife.

He noted that if his children should stay with his wife, they would be badly influenced and their future would be badly affected.

He told the court that he has a lot of good people that would take care of his children, because he was afraid of losing them.

In his ruling, the president of the court, Barr. A. Akinseye, ordered both parities to allow peace to reign in the society and  adjourned the case till February 12, 2019 for judgment.

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