Naira abuse: EFCC offers whistleblowers 5% reward

In its relentless campaign against the abuse of the Nigerian currency, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has approved five percent reward for whistleblowers who provide credible information leading to the prosecution of offenders.

Dele Oyewale, the EFCC’s spokesperson, announced this incentive during a recent appearance on the EFCC 97.3FM Abuja talk show.

He stressed the Commission’s dedication to upholding the law and safeguarding the economy from the adverse effects of naira abuse.

Oyewale highlighted that the 5% reward aims to motivate individuals to step forward with actionable information that can aid in convicting offenders.

He clarified that this reward is contingent on the information being credible and capable of withstanding legal scrutiny, rather than being driven by personal vendettas.

The EFCC has already secured close to 50 convictions nationwide since the inception of its task force dedicated to combating naira abuse and the illegal use of foreign currencies.

Oyewale warned that rejecting the Nigerian currency as legal tender constitutes a criminal offense, emphasizing that violators will face severe legal consequences.

He underscored the importance of conducting all transactions within Nigeria’s borders in the national currency, stressing that the naira symbolizes the country’s economic sovereignty.

The Commission is actively working to bolster the naira’s prominence within the economy, as the widespread acceptance of foreign currencies poses a significant threat to Nigeria’s economic stability and growth.

Oyewale urged citizens to report any instances of naira abuse, reaffirming the EFCC’s commitment to preserving the integrity of the national currency and prosecuting those who undermine it.

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Naira abuse: EFCC offers whistleblowers 5% reward

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Naira abuse: EFCC offers whistleblowers 5% reward

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