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Natural hairstyles you should try out

Natural hairstyles you should try out

By Bamidele Kolawole
Natural hair has gained popularity in the black community in recent years. For decades, many black women look to harsh chemicals to straighten their hair. But these days, an increasing number of black women are omitting the chemicals in favor of a more natural approach to hair care.

Natural hair is becoming increasingly popular, and with that trend comes a large variety of short natural hairstyles that are fun, flirty, spunky, and easy to maintain.

There is nothing more beautiful than a crown of healthy, natural hair. So if you’ve ever had a case of bad breakage, then you know it can be a total bummer.

The natural hair trend has certainly taken off, donning natural hair is more complicated than it sounds. however, many women who’ve decided to embrace natural hair face daily discrimination and emotional strife.

The chief issue in the natural hair movement, as it turns out, is that relatively few people understand all that should be known about natural hair.

If you have ever wondered about natural hair or are considering taking the plunge, here are a few things you should know.

Brittle, damaged hair gets in the way of length retention, weakens strands, and limits your style versatility.

It is important to identify the culprit of your hair woes. Breakage can be caused by a number of things, including lack of moisture, over processing from chemicals, heat damage, and overall poor hair-care practices.

Gone are the days where black women feel that it’s necessary to straighten their hair with chemicals or a pressing comb just to deal with it. More and more women (as well as men and children) are opting for natural hair, choosing to embrace their wild side and let the texture do its thing.

But going natural doesn’t mean that you have fewer styling options; on the contrary, you may even have more. Twist-outs, braids, braid-outs, flat twists, Bantu knots, finger coils, puffs, the pineapple there are many styling techniques that look even better when hair is natural. The texture gives your natural hairstyle its own unique and personalized look.

The natural hair movement of today is all about embracing your roots. It takes courage for anyone with naturally curly hair to wear it as it wants to be because it is unpredictable. However, that is part of the beauty of natural hair it can have many different looks without heat or chemicals.

Once you let go of the mindset that natural hair is taboo, you will find out that it is better to go natural and that you have tons of support. You may even be an inspiration to friends, family, and others in your circles.

Some treatments for natural hair are: shed butter, olive oil, onion juices, coconut oil, egg whites, rice water, avocado, alovera and carrot oil.

Owena Press Limited (Publisher of The Hope Newspaper), Akure

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