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Naval officer commends The Hope’s professionalism

By Roseline Okakah

The Commanding Officer of the Forward Operating Base, Igbokoda, (FOB), Captain Wasuku Alushi, has commended Owena Press Limited, publisher of The Hope over its objective, truthful and unbiased reportage of events.

Alushi gave the commendation when he paid a visit to the newspaper’s headquarters along Ado- Owo road, Ijapo, Akure, the Ondo State capital.

He acknowledged the organisation’s role in disseminating accurate and balanced information on happenings in the country, particularly in Ondo State.

“My coming here today is to thank your organisation for rightly informing the public. Your organization has shown that there are still some decent media organisations out there, different from those practicing journalism for what they will gain. But yours is in the interest of the nation.

“We have seen several media outlets publishing without facts. So, that is why I am here to thank you for all that you have been doing and to seek better and stronger collaboration with your organisation in rightly sensitising the public,” he said.

He lauded The Hope for playing a crucial role in shaping public opinion,“ stressing that when you are operating in a complex environment you need strategic partners. We believe that only government approach is not enough, we need to use societal approach and in the society, the media is a very important part of that society.

“For obvious reasons, the media shape the public opinion and when you are operating in a volatile environment like ours, there are so many factors that shape the operations” Alushi stressed.

He highlighted the multifaceted nature of the environment where the speed of information transmission complicates military efforts.

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Alushi acknowledged the media’s role in disseminating information and the challenges posed by deliberate misinformation campaigns by enemies of the state.

He underscored the importance of combating oil theft to the national economy, citing a recent successful operation against a vessel siphoning crude oil.

The Navy Captain shared the positive impact of the Navy’s efforts on the affected oil field production increase, emphasizing the real and ongoing threats of oil thieves.

The Commanding Officer noted ongoing investigations of the arrested suspects .

Alushi expressed concerns about misinformation campaigns targeting the Navy, citing spurious publications and sponsored attacks against the Chief of Naval Staff.

Responding, the Chairman and Editor in Chief of The Hope, Sir Ademola Adetula, represented by the Editor, Mr Akin Adubuola lauded the efforts of the Navy at combating the menace of oil theft in the country

He regretted a situation whereby 80 percent of the nation’s oil is being lost to oil thieves.

Sir Adetula noted that this constituted a major challenge to the nation’s survival, promising to continue to assist all security operatives in the country in a way that will enhance and make their efforts in ridding the oil sector of corruption a success.

Naval officer commends The Hope’s professionalism

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Naval officer commends The Hope’s professionalism

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