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NBA conference: A systemic seclusion of new wigs

NBA conference: A systemic seclusion of new wigs

By Opatola Victor
Recently, the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) approved Port Harcourt, River State as the venue for the 2020 NBA Annual General Conference (NBA-AGC).

The body also proposed the conference fee for participants ranging from their year of call.

The proposed amount to be paid by new wigs are N20,000 as early birds, N45,000 for regular and N90,000 for late registration.

For the bourgeoisie or lucky few in this harsh economy, the amount is nothing. After all, what is N20,000, N45,000  for regular and N90,000  for late registration.

But for the  new wigs who wear the shoes and know where it pinches, reality will quickly dawn on us that this is a brazen systemic seclusion from the NBA and the NBA conference.

There is an old cliche that if you are not at the table dining, then you are on the menu.

For a profession that offers young wigs peanuts and servile positions, you will quickly understand that the conference amount is a clear message that the NBA is for all lawyers, but not truly and really for all lawyers.

If you still believe that the amount for participation fee is paltry; quickly calculate transportation to and fro the venue and don’t forget to add the amount of feeding and accommodation for the whole period of the conference. Maybe, perhaps you will understand the position of the new wig that cries of systemic seclusion.

When I saw the amount as stipulated by the NEC, I told myself ” so much for inclusion.’’

Come to find, In this conference, the representation of the new wigs will be paltry,, unless the NBA National Executive Committee review downward the conference registration amount for New wig.

I call upon the NBA National Executive Committee to reduce the said amount, for the sake of inclusion of the new wig. Many new wigs do not even believe in the NBA to begin with.

For the sake of image redemption of the NBA, we urge that the amount be reduced for the new wigs.

Maybe, at least, for the fact that this year’s conference will historically be the 60th AGC; the amount for new wigs should be reviewed downward.

Any trade or profession that does not strongly put into consideration the well being of its young members has embarked on a summary retrogressive journey.

Opatola Victor Esq. is an Abuja-based Legal Practitioner.

Owena Press Limited (Publisher of The Hope Newspaper), Akure

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