Need For ‘Yoruba Ronu’ Summit

IN the history of the world, the quest for hegemony of one tribe or group of people over another remains constant. The lazy attitude, and limited education of many prevents critical thinking that can surmount the problems inherent in any geographical location. This lack of thought therefore makes many tribes to seek the easiest way out of any natural predicaments, which make groups of people seek the possession of other peoples’ property rather than developing theirs. Right now, the Yoruba land in Southwest Nigeria has become the coveted place of territorial occupation of other ethnic groups in Nigeria.
THE HOPE suspects that there is a subtle territorial take over of Yoruba land either by acts of terrorism, fiats and or by the outright purchase of ancestral and inherited lands by people of other ethnic groups. These scenario would not have been an issue in a true federal structure, but it is in a lopsided caricature federalism as is being practised in Nigeria now.
WE observe that the accommodating character of the Yorubas and embrace of peaceful methods of conflict resolution have been taken for granted for so long a time. In history, the Yorubas have always been used and dumped in power sharing. Even when their sons were in power, they had nothing to show for it, apart from destabilization politics and policies against the region. To a large extent, they have been stereotyped to a second fiddle whose duties are document preparation and peace envoys. THE HOPE is of the strong opinion that the time is ripe for the various agitation groups and leaders in Yoruba land to organise a summit that would deliberate on the Yorubas in the Nigeria project. It is time for the ethnic group to forget their political party affiliations, differences and internal grievances to project the place of the Yorubas in the country. else they lose their land and grips to ‘foreigners’.
THERE are many issues that warrant the need for a thought provoking summit. In the first instance, there is the need for the summit to decide and agree upon what restructuring of the constitution means to the ethnic group. This is imperative given the divergent views of what restructuring means even to the agitators.
THUS a common voice with regards to constitutional review would not only give impetus to the demands, but would also give directions as to where the changes are needed. The Yoruba Ronu summit should deliberate and determine the political future of the ethnic group in future elections in Nigeria. The summit should also deliberate on the economic survival of the people and the region. There is a need to determine each State’s area of comparative advantage, and therefore develop programmes that would boost the economy of the people through the non-oil sector.
THIS summit becomes more imperative because in recent times, insecurity perpetrated by other ethnic groups on the Yoruba soil has reached an alarming stage. Insurgents under the guise of bandits, herdsmen, kidnappers, rapists, abductors and assassins have occupied the forests in Yoruba land, and giving the law abiding citizens sleepless nights. It has become easy for marauders of other ethnic nationalities to capitalise on the benevolence of the Yorubas, sneak in and cause havocs.
PAINFULLY, The Hope observes that Yoruba land has become a battle site and is besieged by occupation armies of the violent nomadic ethnic groups. The summit needs to address the porosity of the Yoruba land and seek for concerted efforts to ensure that the influx of unwanted elements into the various Yoruba States are stopped henceforth.
IN order to ensure the success of this summit, the Yorubas in power must give it the needed support in participation, discussion and decision making. Furthermore, they must exercise the political will to promote the Yoruba agenda at all levels of government in Nigeria.
THIS summit, THE HOPE proposes should be a clarion call to Yorubas at home and in the diaspora to show concern at the plan though subtle ousting of the Yorubas from their ancestral land, and make them lose political value in Nigeria’s political arrangements. In the same vein, the various monarchs, researchers, political office holders, civil servants, service men and women should send memoranda to this summit and attend to give the necessary impetus and guidance.
THE Yorubas should quit being the betrayers of their kind and common cause. An injury to one is an injury to all. Yorubas, the time is ripe to think deep and jaw-jaw. Call a solemn assembly, so that our portion in the nation would be relinquished and delivered to the people of the Southwest. Yoruba, ronu o.

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