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Neighbourhood ‘on fire’ as mothers fight over sons’ yahoo ‘clients’

By Sunmola Olowookere


Yahoo business is no longer a youth thing as some mothers now support their children to commit crime.

Angry youths were gathered in front of one of the houses on my lane. They were gesticulating angrily and demanding that the $25,000 dollars due to them must be handed over or else there would be hell to pay.

The story behind their agitation was that the son of one of the neighbours was accused of being an accomplice to a guy that cheated them out of the proceeds of an Internet fraud.

The guy in question was his friend. The irate guys who were now crying foul were able to hoodwink someone on the Internet. However, they had transferred the “client” to this guy who was seen as an expert in the act so that he could be able to finalize the deal for them.

They claimed that he eventually was able to rip the sum of $25,000 dollars off the victim which was said to be N9 million.

They accused the older boy of converting the ill gotten wealth to his own use.

He had allegedly bought a car and kept it with his friend while neighbours claimed that they saw him gallivanting around prostitutes. The young boys and their mothers were livid. Why should he spend the money alone?

Hence they demanded that the boy living on my lane should surrender the hidden car to them. It was a terrible day for his aged mother as the boys later in the day came with policemen to arrest him.

We wonder what story the young boys would have told the police.

Neighbours were not very sympathetic with mother and son, they felt the mother had spared the rod when it was needed and hence the child had been spoilt.

Since the boy was jobless and refused to go to school, no one could vouch for him. Indeed he moved with questionable friends. We all knew that such a situation would arise sooner or later. As the English would say “an idle hand is the devil’s workshop.”

He was admitted to bail the next day and since then, he had been very sober.

Neighbourhood ‘on fire’ as mothers fight over sons’ yahoo ‘clients’

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Neighbourhood ‘on fire’ as mothers fight over sons’ yahoo ‘clients’

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