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Nigeria and the next agenda

By Bayo Fasunwon


Nigeria is a blessed country. There is something so beautiful about a nation that makes other more blessed nations greatly admire it. It seems that the country is so fertile that whatsoever you sow in it, germinates. Unfortunately, both leaders and followers seem genetically configured to borrow bad ideas, visions, and attitudes that are inimical to the development of this nation and sow such. We rarely see the beautiful aspects of our borrowed religion, but the odious, disturbing, and degrading aspects to glamourise and install. When it comes to democracy, we borrow the executive orders and procedures that generally divide us and impoverish the citizens.

The aspects of accountability, representation, popular participation and the rule of law are incarcerated while dictatorship, nepotism, and brutal exploitation of the legitimate use of coercion are celebrated. Leadership does not copy the welfarism creed of developed nations nut are rather quick in embracing and forcefully implement multiple taxation systems and prohibition of human freedom. Therefore, the nation embraces the democratic norms of curtailment rather than the democratic norms of liberation through liberalism. For us therefore democracy is the government of dictators, subtly presented as being the peoples’ choice, but obviously for the people in power. Therefore, our democratic processes become a ‘do or die’ affair, where no one ever believes that they can or should lose elections. This perfidious sound of music currently plays.

 The Elections, at least the first ‘stanza’ is past. The fears generated by learned minds, Prophets, and even respected developed countries have not happened. Nigeria(ns) has a way of nullifying predictions and make the foremost Prophet a clown. Eight years after the predicted implosion of the country, she still stands strong like Olumo Rock. Seems the nation is the most difficult place to ‘hear from God, and declare His intentions to all’. Many soothsayers must be licking their wounds now. For many, who still believe in their Prophets have lent their voices in goading the losing parties to the courtroom.

If one were a Lawyer, surely would one do same. Now, is the harvest season for the men in wigs. Technicalities of frivolous cases would be explored rather than the core areas of discourse. One amusing thing in the case is that, (my prediction) both the proclaimed winners and declared elections would go to Court. The Winners would contend that they did not lose in the wards and localities where INEC recorded as losers; while the core losers would demand that proclaimed winners should be declared losers due to found ‘evidences of electoral frauds’ At the courts, it may be case of ‘overtake done overtake overtake’, or ‘na palaver you dey find’, and finally, ‘deadi bodi geti accident’ (all in Fela’s voice’).

The Supreme Court has however shown Nigerians, that it is ready to support and entrench justice, treat the law with human face  and correct the administrative excesses of the ruling despots. Forgetting that Justice delayed is justice denied, bathing in the euphoria of diagnosing the rabid monetary policy of a power corrupted institution, and curtailing its dangerously mortality inducing financial incapacitation of Nigerians, the Supreme Court is sending a message that justice would be served, and the rightful owners of the seat of power would be declared. It is known terrain and acceptance in Nigeria that the court rather than the people decides who rules them. So, while the battleground and warriors are gradually shifting. During the election, while the Politicians were secure, the electorate were exposed to life threatening agents and situations, as they battle themselves sore. Now, while the people rest, the Politicians are left on the legal battlefield to decide who gets what, when and how.

My concern during this election however, is that it has divided the nation, more than integrating it. The equal distribution of the won States show clearly, a regionalized system of acceptance rather than a nationally accepted government of unity. The indigene system also generated bad blood as a section claimed that a whole State is a no man’s land. The ethnic and religious factor in these 2023 elections has created a problem for the Judiciary, the politicians and the electorate. The boycott of elections by close to 80% of the electorate despite the hypes, holidays, and enlightenment also show that people’s trust in the democratic transfer of power is still very low. Alternatively, could it be that electorate are silently demanding for electoral processes that would enable them vote from the comfort of their homes?

These 2023 elections seem to create more questions than answers. While we celebrate the almost peaceful and post election serenity, we must however identify the loopholes and the post elections matters that threatens our unity. Let me state categorically, that is insane to utter conflagrating remarks now. It would not be out of point to suggest the arrest of mischief-makers.

There are some in the Diaspora posting #ENDINEC on their walls. The cowards who could not survive the terrain of the country nor contribute their quota to her development, and having even failed in their country of sojourn are calling for the destruction of their fatherland. Beneficiaries of turbulence, like vultures they seek for decomposing carcass to feed on. Right thinking Nigerians would neither repost such ignominies nor fall for the treacheries of rabble-rousers. Nigerians at this time should have matured enough to stop the cockroach merchants of Rwanda and the race superiority speculators of the  of the holocaust period. It is also pertinent to insist that the Kettle should refrain from writing letters that seeks to pain the Pot black.

The precedence of election failures of 2003 and 2007 have solid foundations that may need the miracle of the Jericho wall, for its eradication. When an arsonist pretends to be a Fireman, then we should understand that such fires would only be doused in the day, so as to burn the whole building, when people are at rest. We should tell our Elders who could not save us in their youths,(and with much opportunities at their disposals) to refrain from inserting their leprous fingers into our pot of Cheese.

May the rains that ushered in the elections, wash away the curses that had held this nation captive for so many years. May the Court processes reveal in totality the mischievous intents of wolves on assignment against this nation, and may Nigerians realize that boycott of elections for whatever reasons gives opportunity for the leader of the few become the ruler of majority. Nigerians should unite and protect our fatherland from the caustic pen and utterances of backdoor power seekers and brokers. May the reign and rule of the new government remain peaceful, prosperous and enlightening. Congratulations, to the elected leaders of this great country. God bless the people and the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Nigeria and the next agenda

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Nigeria and the next agenda

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