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Nigeria in the spirit of Easter

Bayo Fasuwon

The Easter period, a three-day annual celebration is here again. While many Nigerians may not be happy at the paucity of funds to give themselves and loved one an imagined treat of a lifetime, they could however be glad that the long queues at fuel stations had abated. This has helped in no small measure to quieten conspiracy theorists who have argued that fuel crises issues are programmed against Christians they normally occur at a time when Christian celebrations are in view.

While yours truly views the fact of this malaise on coincidence, many issues have been reduced to politics and religion in our dear motherland. It is therefore not surprising that Farooq Kperoogi and MURIC have viewed the constitutional and legal right of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo of having a shot at the coveted President’s seat as ‘RCCGinisation’ and bid for the ‘Christianization’ of the nation and nationals.

To them, it is sacrilegious for a Christian to seek to replace a Muslim President in a secular State. Intellectuals, and sadly too, have reduced governance to mere evangelism and or jihad, thereby neglecting the core demands of democracy and governance. In this country, merit have been sacrificed on the altar of religious bigotry and ethnic affiliations. We seem more interested in who occupies a position than the job that needs be done.

Some others have viewed the desire of the Vice President transforming into the President as the confirmation of the late Alaafin Aole’s curse and to those lettered in Hermeneutics, Professor Yemi Osinbajo is a Judas, a betrayer. Well, in the spirit of Easter, it is important to note that Jesus Christ could not have fulfilled His mission and the salvation of His people, without the sellout of Judas Iscariot.

A selfish, self-centered and sentimental God would not have sent His son to undertake such horrendous task of torture, slander, abuse and disgrace to help a helpless generation of ungrateful homo sapiens. Rather, operating in the spirit of Nigerian politicians, would have sent one of His ‘most beloved angels’ to undertake such tasks, while Jesus would have loafed in the heavenly place waiting to ascend the throne purchased by the blood of other faithful servant(s). If you do not understand this analogy, cast your mind back and observe that our politicians would keep their children safe, mostly out of the country, while they send other people’s children to act as thugs, face and release bullets, get maimed and often times killed; so that our dear s(elected) political leaders could enjoy the dividends of the latter’s blood sacrifice.

Rather than allow their kith and kin to suffer so that many Nigerians could be emancipated, they are protected, shielded and preserved to continue their parents’ rule of oppression over their subjects. So, it is unthinkable for them that their children should also attend public schools and tertiary institutions so that they would also feel the pains of students agonizing over ASUU and Non-Academic Union’s strike in the nation, and in event find a lasting solution to the backwardness of the nation’s education sector.

Governor El Rufai once played to the gallery, and posed before the paparazzi beating his chest that his son, attends a public school. Yours truly was proved right that the chicanery would not last, when the Governor, later withdrew his child from the school. The brazen excuse of the Governor who had insisted that no ransom would be paid for kidnapped victims, was that his son was being targeted for kidnap. He could neither pay the sacrifice of Abraham (Ibrahim), nor sow the seed of Moremi, and also rejected the model of God, all who gave their child up in order to create a program and process of saving the generality of the people. Unlike the ideology that paved way for the release of God’s only begotten son to redeem the whole world, and who the world celebrates today, our leaders would rather steal from the people and sacrifice them to the gods of greed and gluttony in order to create a better haven for their children.

In the spirit of Easter, the National Council has replayed Pontius Pilate’s historical democratic judgment as against factual realities. Then, the ruling class had hyped the people to demand for the release of Barabbas – a robber, killer and hater of the people, and crucify the good man that met their needs. So, Barabbas was released, and the righteous crucified. So, it was cheering news to Nigeria’s ‘Sadducees and Pharisees, Scribes and High Priests’ that pardon has been granted to legally certified thieves, looters and possibly those who have caused the death of many by their corrupt activities. Like Barabbas, they have been graciously pardoned to enjoy their ill-gotten wealth and removed the veil of anticorruption campaign of a disappointing government.

However, do we care to know that many innocent Nigerians are still languishing in jail? Those who are agitating for the emancipation of the masses from injustice, maladministration, murders and misrule are still in jail, in house arrests and exile under laughable charges. Let us set our emotions and remember though that in the spirit of Easter, two thieves were crucified with Jesus, and one got a permanent visa to paradise. If that be the case, congratulations to political robbers who got reprieves, not from the crucified just, but from association of oppressive rulers, who came to set their cohorts free, and kept the people in bondage.

All said and done, Easter tells us the story of the fulfillment of redemption for the beloved, who have been lost in sin by the unholy attitudes of their progenitors. It is not a story of a Savior who continually blamed past leaders, the people and COVID 19 for the poverty, sickness and backwardness in which they had found themselves. It is the story of a servant leader who understood the source of the problems of the people over whom He rules, and was willing to do all that is possible, even lay down His life and all possessions in order to set them free, forever. It is the story of a Jesus Christ, who being truly touched by the infirmities of His loved ones, admonished them, fed them, gave good health facilities, ensured that workers were paid their dues, fought extortion and corruption, enforced restitution, lived by example, opened his hands  to the needy and took their place in the dungeons of punishment all to set them free and restore their human dignity. Mahatma Gandhi dies, but lives in the heart of the Indians; Martin Luther King Jr. died but African Americans have him alive in their souls; Nelson Mandela is no more. But in life and death, Madiba lives eternally in South Africa.

In the spirit of Easter, Nigerians are seeking for salvation through the true sacrifices of their leaders. We are tired of the Barabbas, give us this day our Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ in human form.

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