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Monday, June 14, 2021

Nigeria requires true federalism not constitution review-Legal practitioner

By Jubril Bada & Roland Bayode


A legal practitioner Mr. Sola Aregbesola, has said that true federalism will end Nigeria’s woes and not a constitution review in the country.
The legal practitioner , who stated this during a radio programme on Positive FM, Akure, said in the absence of justice, fairness and equity, the constitution review would not have any positive effect on the livelihood of the people
According to him, the secession being agitated for by different regions was an indication of crack in the country and absence of fairness, justice and good leadership.
“People will not bother who is in position of authority provided there are amenities, development and safety of lives and property,” he said
He emphatically noted restructuring to be given priority.
“Every aspect of our life is crying for restructuring and the country must go for true federalism based on fairness and justice.
In the same vein, a political analyst, Mr. Akinbode Okunola, said Nigeria needs holistic constitutional restructuring and not only political and economic restructuring for the development of the country.
He added that the main problem of this country is the constitution.
Okunola explained that for the constitution to be implemented there was need for strong system and institutions to be in place that will be above the president and his designate to be in place.

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