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‘Nigerians shouldn’t be hungry’

By Kehinde Oluwatayo

Secretary to  FADAMA Federated Community Association, FFCA, Mr Boluwade Ogunbodede has declared that Nigeria has enough resources to feed her populace but must be well coordinated.

Ogunbodede said this in an interview with The Hope in Akure.

He said “It is not true that Nigeria will not be able to feed her populace as time goes on. We have enough resources. We have the vegetation and we have the people.

“If these resources are well coordinated, definitely we  should never be hungry. We will have enough to eat and export,”.

Ogunbodede who said Nigeria is not there yet in the area of technology, stressed that no nation can be self sufficient in technology but will still depend on other nations for development.

While saying Nigeria can buy technology and understudy it if there is any area  of lack. Ogunbodede said this will move us forward technologically.

“No one can be self sufficient in the area of technology, but a nation can buy technology from another and understudy it. For example, look at India that bought technology from America, today it has become good producer of technology,” he stated.

Ogunbodede who confirmed that Ondo State branded rice will soon be available in the market noted that efforts are ongoing to ensure that it comes out before the end fo the year.

According to him, his assocaition has organised farmers under FADAMA federated  association into cooperative units that are producing rice in Ondo State.

“Efforts are on going to ensure  that the state branded rice is out before the end of the year. The rice mill is ready and will be testrun  any moment from now. We have enough  paddy rice. Our farmers  that we are asssiting are harvesting and will definitely bring their rice for processing in the mill, he said.

He however commended the state government for its assistance to the farmers in the state.






Owena Press Limited (Publisher of The Hope Newspaper), Akure

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