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Nigeria’s diabolic scientists

Nigeria’s diabolic scientists
By Bayo Fasunwon

Science is a body of knowledge concerned with man and the understanding of his environment. It is the method of integrating vast knowledge into the creation of an object for man’s use. It is also described as the systematic method of arriving at knowledge through experimentation for the universal use of humankind for his continual existence and well-being. From the above, we garner that science involves the study of creation in order to create objects that would make life and living pleasant and stress free for the living. The essential nature of science is revealed in its contributions to human development over the years. From the discovery and use of fire to production of penicillin, vaccines, aspirin, electricity, machines and the internet to the discoveries in human relations, animal and plant productions, and science has been a lifesaver to the earth and her indigenes. It is therefore a foregone conclusion that human beings would gravitate towards the understanding and study of Science at any level.

However, there exists the orthodox and unorthodox science. A few days ago, Facebook, a video went viral about a group of people who specialize in cutting and selling the part of sachet (Pure) used by consumers to suck the water from the nylon pack. On interrogation, the mouthpart was used for diabolic enchantments. Prior to this, many Nigerian women have resisted the urge to spread their pants on the line after washing. It was observed that some diabolic scientists were in the habit of stealing such female undies, for ritual purposes. In the same vein many men take the posture of defenders in a free kick, protect their male genitals, even while walking on the street. The story is that a small tap on the body can cause these male genitals to disappear without trace. Furthermore, young men have been seen at refuse dumps seeking for fresh faeces to eat in order to become rich. More barbaric are cases where people are butalised, and sometimes killed in order to get some parts of their body for rituals.  Usually, diabolic scientists pride themselves in their efficacy at creating invisible bulletproof vests, anti thief brooms, anti metal devices and even death resistant scientific devices. Added to the products of these diabolic scientists are local healing drinks, clothes, food, soaps, and even chewing sticks.

There are mixed reactions as to the efficacy of these Nollywood advertised patents of the diabolic scientist. Many dare devil armed robbers have attributed their success in the raiders’ profession to the efficacy of the charms procured from these village based scientists. Arrested Yahoo-Yahoo plus, G-Boys, Badoo and other cultists have also attested to the efficacy of the products from these scientists. But others like the Oluwo of Iwo, had challenged the efficacy of  Aferi and Ofe (which are claimed to make one disappear and reappear at will), and dared those who have them to disappear from Nigeria, appear at the treasury of the United States of America, and make away with billions of dollars, without being seen or caught. However, no one has taken the challenge yet. Tai Solarin in his days had challenged Professor Oluwole, a world reputed diabolic scientist of the Witches genre to an open duel, which the latter refused to accept. However, late Professor Sophie, a Philosopher of repute had proved that these diabolic scientists had the proven formula to call for rain, have it answer their call. This, she demonstrated to willing foreign observers and academics with huge success.

Unlike academic scientists who publish their method and efficacy of scientific discovery, Nigeria’s diabolic scientists do not explain their methods; neither do they publish their findings. Their scientific products (Juju, Tira, Jazz etc) are not produced in the confines of a laboratory, but in shrines. Natural products are the main ingredients, and incantations are employed as catalysts to speed up the chemical reactions expected. Goats are used as subjects to experiment the efficacy of bullet proof, and anti-metal charms. Just as people throng to procure the scientific products, so also do customers abound for scientific materials produced with esoteric methodology?

My concern however is that most of the diabolic scientific products have negative intents and results. Those who manufacture or subscribe to diabolic scientific products in most cases use it to steal, kill, and destroy. The increase in kidnap, insecurity, and ritual cases in Nigeria have been traced to the patronization of diabolic merchants. That is why I take exception to the Oluwo of Iwo’s method to the test of efficacy of Aferi. Those who are involved in vices, such as robbery and all forms of get-rich-quickly are also good customers to diabolic scientists. There are many locally or orchestrated murders, incest, and suicides that modern science could not explain because they are the outcomes of diabolic science, which is unknown to the Nigeria law.

Given that science could be used for positive and negative outcomes, one is disturbed that traditional science is Nigeria seems tilted towards the procurement of negative outcomes. One would have loved that these diabolic researches and results could be applied to rescue the nation from her perils. If it is true that Witches turn to birds, and fly, and Wizards enters a room through the wall, then the Nigeria Airways should not have been in the grave. If rain could be conjured, then our deserts should be turned into fruitful lands. The Nigeria military and Police Force could benefit from this science in their fight against the Boko haram sect and other security threats in the nation. The Diabolic Scientist Association of Nigeria (if they exist or would exist), must therefore have a change of mind, and radically transform their curriculum to the production of life saving, stress reducing and developmental products for national use. Beyond this, the old are the usual custodians of the oral literatures of diabolic science. It is high time such knowledge is made public in an academic journal for record purposes, re-testing, and replication.

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