Nigeria’s educational breakthrough requires collective effort — Don

Boluwatife Akinola


For Nigeria to achieve her educational objectives, government, organisations, groups and individuals must work together.

Dr. Salami Ishola, the Head of the Department of Early Childhood and Educational Foundations at the University of Ibadan reechoed this  at the virtual meeting organized by the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) Ondo Hub.

Ishola stressed that the true effectiveness of education is demonstrated when individuals actively apply their learned knowledge and skills to make positive contributions.

He described education as the intentional process of equipping young individuals with knowledge and skills necessary for functioning as adults in society.

He mentioned that education is not just about imparting knowledge but also about shaping individuals’ understanding of societal values and responsibilities.

For education to be deemed functional in Nigeria, Dr. Ishola said that it must have a curriculum that addresses current societal needs, the application of knowledge to real-world problems, and the utilization of acquired skills for societal development.

He noted that responsibility for ensuring functional education falls on various stakeholders and that the government is tasked with providing quality and accessible education, maintaining relevant curriculum, and monitoring educational outcomes.

Educational institutions and associations were urged to support government efforts and advocate for an effective educational system.

The education expert also noted that individuals must acquire quality education, apply their knowledge and skills for nation-building, and prioritize societal development over individual interests.

He called on all stakeholders to work together to make education a functional tool for societal development in Nigeria, warning against the consequences of neglecting this responsibility.

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Nigeria’s educational breakthrough requires collective effort — Don

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Nigeria’s educational breakthrough requires collective effort — Don

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