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No pressure to  step down – Oleyelogun, Iroju

By Adekola Afolabi
The Speaker of the Ondo State House of Assembly, Bamidele Oleyelogun and his deputy, Ogundeji Iroju yesterday  said there was no pressure from any quarter on them to relinquish their positions as leaders of the parliament.

In separate interviews with The Hope in Akure, the Ondo state capital, the two leaders asserted that there was nothing that had happened in the hallowed chambers that would warrant their resignation as speaker and deputy speaker of the Assembly.

Oleyelogun maintained his earlier position that nothing has changed in respect of the leadership of the House, describing the purported impeachment carried out by some members over a week ago as null and void, lacking necessary constitutional requirements.

He also described all the legislative activities and businesses being carried out under his leadership in the hallowed chambers as legal and right, saying that the present members of the Assembly are more than a quorum to hold plenary sitting and carry out normal legislative activities as stipulated by the constitution.

Oleyelogun urged the public to disregard the noise making the arounds by some members of the Assembly that they lack constitutional right to go on with the activities of the House.

On his part the deputy speaker, Iroju Ogundeji also disclosed that there was no any pressure from any quarter for them to resign their positions, saying that the leadership of the House is intact.

He equally described all the allegations made against the leaders of the House as false, baseless, unfounded and unsubstantiated.

“But in this case they don’t have the required number. They even went ahead dubiously to forge signatures of two members so as to make up with the two-third majority. And the Two members came out to tell the whole world that they were not part of the purported impeachment and that their signatures were forged.

“This means that only few people gathered themselves to carry out what I can call rascality. In view of this, the purported impeachment did not hold water and it cannot stand. You don’t build something on nothing because it will not stand. So, we are not under pressure to resign. All the allegations made against us such as incompetence, fraud and high handedness cannot be substantiated. We have challenged them to prove it but they couldn’t.

“The purported impeachment carried out by some members who claimed to be aggrieved did not meet the requirements of the law.

The constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria clearly states the conditions to be met and procedures to be followed before the leaders of the Assembly can be removed, and the moment the law is not followed anything you do is null and void; an exercise in futility.

“That is why the purported impeachment some lawmakers said they carried out over a week ago was null and void; it falls short of the Constitutional provisions. So, what they did was a nullity. That is why I said nothing has happened and no impeachment has taken place in the Ondo State House of Assembly.

“Section 92 sub-section 1, 2 (a, b and c) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, as amended, clearly stated all the conditions to be met for the removal or impeachment of any principal officer, such as the speaker and the deputy speaker. So, the purported impeachment they claimed to have carried out falls short of the requirements of the law. They have not done anything”, he stated.

He further argued that the remaining members in the House formed a quorum to go on with the plenary and carry out legislative activities in line with the section 96 of the 1999 constitution.

“The section 96 clearly states the number of lawmakers that can sit and do business of the House. It is one-third of the total number of all members. The total number of members of Ondo State House of Assembly is 26 and the one-third of 26 is 8 and a half,  but you cannot get half of a human being, so it is nine members.

“Each time we sat, we would either be nine  or ten. In the last sitting, we were nine and one also sent her apology, making ten members. The moment you send an apology it shows you are part of the decision we take on the floor of the House on that day, and you are in attendance.

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