NSCDC And The Need For Caution

WHAT could be best described as recklessness of some security officers was put to play on August 28 and 29 when two persons were killed by men of Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps, NSCDC,  in Akure.

ACCORDING to report, Yakubu Azeez a motorcycle rider was killed by a corps member while on assignment from Abuja while the second victim, Rita otherwise known as Iya Delta was shot during the protest over the death of the first victim by men of the NSCDC quelling the protest.

OLADAPO Samuel, PRO, NSCDC, Ondo Command while reacting disclosed that “ Intelligence information reaching us revealed that the hoodlums were coming to destroy and set ablaze the premises of our State Command Headquarters. Immediately our officers were mobilized to secure the entrances of our  office and the Government House.”

SECURING entrance of their office and that of the Government House led to the death of a defenseless woman, Rita.

WE thus found distasteful security officers who were trained to defend innocent Nigerian could be mowed down by trigger happy officers.

THE primary function of any government security agency is to protect lives and properties. Our observation with what happened last week has shown the reverse as those they are meant to protect are being killed by them.

IT is unfortunate that the agency has become another nest of killers pointing guns at defenseless people.

WE recall that few months ago when five lives were wasted by these trigger happy corps who opened fire on a commercial vehicle on Milikin Hill Road, Enugu .

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IT was also gathered that some of these corps members are now being used as debt collectors engaging in all kinds of human rights abuses.

THEY seem to have jettisoned their primary assignment and delved into what they are not originally meant to do.

IT is therefore disheartening that innocent lives could be wasted by the action of these corps for no reason what so ever. It is thus condemnable.

OUR position in The Hope is that the culprits involved in the murder of these innocent lives be arrested and prosecuted to serve as deterrent to others. We feel that this is  an issue that should not be swept under the carpet. Life is sacred and should be  treated as such.

WE call on the Federal government to take a look at the operations of these corps members by allowing them to carry guns about. Our position is that they should be allowed to handle gun for the purpose of  pipelines surveillance. Using guns on defenseless protesters should not be allowed again.

WE also recommend a reform of the agency with a view to making them be people friendly.

WE demand that families of the victims be adequately compensated. We are not unaware that no amount of money could make up for the lives lost but it would soothe their pains and show that government identify with them at the moment of their grief .

WE also use this opportunity to appeal to motorcycles riders not to constitute nuisance to the society. No security agent would condone any act that would constitute threat to the society.

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THERE is no doubt that the manner in which they protest whenever any of their member is involved in an accident could be a threat to the  peace of the society.

GOVERNMENT should thus see to the activities of these “Okada riders” with a view to weeding the bad one among them.

 THIS will go a long way in curbing their excesses.

OUR heart goes to the families. We pray that God will give them the fortitude to bear the loss.

NSCDC And The Need For Caution

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