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Nutritionist lists wonders of Coconut water

By Sade Adewale, Ondo

A Nutritionist, Dele Adeosun has described coconut water as a diet that reduces morning sickness, refreshes the body functions efficiently and makes labour faster during pregnancy.

Adeosun declared this in an interview with The Hope. He said pregnancy was a very crucial stage in which everything the mother ate also got to the baby, adding that woman cannot afford to eat anything that would harm the child’s health.

He said coconut water was safe for pregnant women, this because coconut water was full of minerals and nourishing ingredients that were helpful to the body
The Nutritionist noted that coconut water was important during pregnancy and for the wellness of the baby and mother because of the nourishment that has many health benefits.

According to him, coconut water was recommended for pregnant women to have 2 glasses of fresh coconut water daily.
He further said that it is full of hydrating agents and one of the purest sources of having minerals in the body. Coconut water was 95% pure water and this provided electrolyte to the person.

Adeosun noted that hydrating agents and electrolytes make it very beneficial for pregnant women because they need more hydration than a normal person.
According to him, coconut water was rich in electrolytes that were beneficial to restore the lost electrolytes during pregnancy. Pregnant women tended to have more frequent bowel movements and problems related to digestion.

He stated that electrolytes present in coconut water fulfil the demands of the body and ease the bowel movement and digestive system. They were also beneficial in relieving symptoms of pregnancy such as nausea and vomiting.
Adeosun said that Coconut water also contains potassium, sodium and magnesium to ease related problems.

He further noted that Coconut water is one of the beverage that can provide all the lost fluids back to the body and help retain physical strength and mental calmness, adding that Coconut water can calm the nerves and provide proper nourishment to all the muscles tissues in the body.



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