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Obey COVID-19 protocols to avert another lockdown-Fatusi

By Kehinde Oluwatayo


School managers, parents and the people of Ondo State have been urged to cooperate with the state government in its quest to flatten the curve of coronavirus and ensure safe reopening of schools in the state as the second wave of the virus rages.
Chairman of Inter ministerial Committee on COVID-19 in the state and Vice Chancellor of University of Medical Sciences, Ondo, Prof Adesegun Fatusi while speaking with The Hope appealed to stakeholders to play their part to ensure that the infection is kept at bay so that there won’t be another lockdown.
Fatusi said that the state government decided that it will not reopen schools until January 18 because it believed that there must be enough break between the gathering in the new year and the time of resumption.
He noted that enough break between the periods will help those who might have contracted the infection to go through the incubation period successfully.
He added that the period will also be used in making adequate preparation before students return to school.
Fatusi who expressed joy that there was no record of pulpils or students dying or falling ill as a result of the infection during the first wave, attributed the good news to the cooperation of stakeholders.
When asked if he envisaged another lockdown, Fatusi said he hoped that there would never be any need to lockdown again, noting that he could not guarantee that.
“The people are the one who can guarantee that there won’t be another lockdown. If we all follow the protocol, we can curb the disease.
“But if we behave in a way that is careless, disregarding the precautions, then we are increasing the risk and we may have to go through lockdown one more time. So I am hopeful and prayerful that the people will follow the protocols”, he said.
Reeling off roles of stakeholders in ensuring safe reopening of schools in the state, Fatusi said school managers must ensure that the environment is safe and comply fully with protocols.
“It is also their responsibility to make sure that the temperature of each student is checked before entering into school compound and anyone that is ill or show any sign, they must have a mechanism of returning him home or take him to hospital.
“They must ensure that the school provides water and soap for hand washing and put a monitoring team in place that goes around constantly and be sure people are complying all through.
“Also they must ensure that each child that comes into the school compound wears a mask”, he stressed.
According to him, it is the role of parents to provide nosemask for their children and educate them on the reality and danger of coronavirus noting that children are smart enough to understand.
He said parents should not send any sick child to school but should take him to hospital.
Fatusi said it is the responsibility of the teachers to make sure that the classrooms are well spaced and ensure every child is wearing mask.
Fatusi who said stakeholders had worked together during the first wave and school reopened successfully stressed that they can do it again by following simple and straight forward protocols which can help keep coronavirus out of our schools.

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