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Ode-Aye, where eating python, eggs, fowls  forbidden

By Kehinde Adejumo
Despite the influence of western culture on some of our societies and globalization , some pre- colonial beliefs and ideologies still subsist.

In Ode-Aye, Okitipupa Local Government area of Ondo State, eating of python, eggs and fowls as forbidden. These beliefs are the fundamental principles on which some of these communities in Ondo South Senatorial District thrive on, and form essential basis of their existence.

   For the people of Ode-Aye, the question of which comes first  does not apply to them, as they regard the hen as a tin god, which had helped them in time of need and in order to pay back, they neither eat eggs, hen or any products made of eggs, these include chicken pie, egg roll among  others.

   Any indigene who violates the taboo risks his or her nose  being perforated, vomit  blood which may eventually lead to the person’s death.

   There are however antidotes which must be administered by a traditionalist who will force the victim to lick ashes. This however does not guarantee his or her  survival, hence the total ban.

   It must be noted however that 95percent of the people of the ancient town are farmers which justifies their believe in customs and traditions, in fact they value their culture more than  western culture.

The Halu of Ode-Aye  kingdom, Oba Williams Akinmusayo Akinlade, said eating of  hen and python is forbidden fruit to them in appreciation of the roles the duo played during the war at ensuring their victory against enemies.

    According to him, the victory was like that the biblical Israelites when they were about crossing the Red Sea where God instructed Moses to stretch his rod towards the sea and it parted, thus paving way for the Israelites to cross over.

“That was exactly what our ancestors experienced during the war against our adversaries. When we got to the bank of the River Oluwa, a long python stretched across the river like a bridge for the people to get to the other end.

“Don’t forget that, I told you that our adversaries used to trail us by our footprint.

Immediately we crossed over , the enemies followed us but we  were far ahead of them.

    “We now followed a path that led to  where we are today. When they (the enemies) crossed over they could not trace us because a mysterious hen appeared  and used its legs to erase our footprints, making it impossible to locate us.”

He said after they had crossed the river they hid inside a cave and watched the hen as it embarked on  the rescue mission, thereafter leaving their enemies confused.

The Monarch added that any native of Ode-Aye that defiles the tradition would definitely bear the consequence.

 He said eating hen and eggs are forbidden even though rearing livestock is a profitable economic venture in some quarters of the ancient town.

    Ode-Aye is one of the prominent nine enclaves of the Ikale people, a town where tradition and  cultural values are celebrated and highly respected.

  It is situated at the outskirt of Okitipupa Local Government area of Ondo State and an opening into the interior of Okitipupa, Igbotako, Ikoya and others.

The town plays a significant role in the politics of Ondo state, yet adhered to its customs and traditions.

Owena Press Limited (Publisher of The Hope Newspaper), Akure

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