ODSG ready for farming season

By Fatima Muraina

Ondo state government has procured all necessary agrochemical inputs needed for farming operation for year 2024.

The Administrative Secretary of the State Agricultural Input Supply Agency, AISA, Mr Adeola Felix Akinyuwa, declared this in a chat with The Hope in Akure yesterday.

He said the agency is fully ready to sell agrochemical inputs to farmers at a subsidized rate, better than the conventional market price.

“We have procured agricultural inputs for the onset of the rainfall so we are set.

“We have various agricultural inputs now across our farm service centers in the state, so we are prepared for farming so that they can easily have access to inputs that are lesser than what’s obtainable in the market. We sell at a subsidized rate than the open market prices .”

“We have inputs like cutlasses, iron files, agrochemicals in terms of contact herbicides, fungicides, insecticides among others.

“We equally intend to procure fungicides now,” he said .

The fungicides, he noted is for the maintenance of cocoa plantation and any other fungi that may attack any tree crop and confirmed that they will be readily available so that farmers can have genuine input from the agency.

According to him, the fungicide would be available before the middle of next month, before the onset of the rain.

Akinyugha also informed the availability of inorganic fertilizer which are very useful for the farmers even though the federal government may be supplying the state with inorganic fertilizer.

“Both organic and inorganic are very useful to farmers. Some tree crop farmers always request for inorganic fertilizer unlike others who are seeking for inorganic fertilizers.”

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Akinyugha who explained that his agency is awaiting the approval of its request for a 50percent subsidy rate, assured that farmers will be granted the benefit, if approved by the Governor .

“Our subsidy is in terms of lower prices below the open market. If we are competing with the agro-dealers in the town then there won’t be any difference between us and the agro dealers.

“Our difference is that we are their regulator.

We regulate them in terms of prices, adulteration and that includes avoiding agro dealers from selling adulterated inputs”, he stated.

ODSG ready for farming season

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