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Olabimtan chides PDP on criticism

Olabimtan chides PDP on criticism

By Bisi Olominu
The Special Adviser to Ondo State Governor on Political Matters and Strategy, Mr Victor Olabimtan has described the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the state as a drowning party that will hold-on to just anything in sight for survival.

Olabimtan in a press statement made available to journalists in the state at the weekend said it is now a common practice for the PDP to criticize the Akeredolu led APC in Ondo State recklessly just to remain in the news.

” Unfortunately for them, the Governor cannot be faulted on governance, infrastructure and industrial development, and the general well-being of the people as he is making the best of the available resources.

”In his quest to entrench and promote professionalism in the public service, the Ondo State Governor advised public servants to desist from active political campaign and channel their energy towards effective service delivery to the people of the State.

”It is a known fact that if civil servants are allowed to campaign for political parties, majority will align with the government in power, the APC either genuinely or as sycophants.

” However, Akeredolu in his wisdom has done what many failed to do in the past by insisting that civil servants should not be drawn into the murky water of active politics. Rather than supporting this global best practice that excluded no political party in Ondo State, the PDP in its desperate attempt to remain in the news still faulted this directive.”

Olabimtan posited that in a sane society, public servants are to be non-partisan let alone campaigning publicly for a political party.

He said that they are eligible to vote for candidates of their choice in an election and the government is not stopping them from exercising that franchise.

The political adviser to the governor berated the PDP for ignoring the fundamental fact that the ban on political campaign in Ondo State has not been lifted by INEC. Therefore, the ban on public servants from open political campaign at this time is very apt as it is meant to respect the sanctity of the public service which unfortunately is alien to the PDP doctrine of anything goes.

His words: ”The unnecessary and unsolicited reaction of PDP is aimed at setting the Public Servants against the government, forgetting that the generality of the people is conscious of their foul games. Akeredolu has raised the bar of good governance in Ondo State and the good people of the State will not allow the deceptive party to take them back to “Egypt”. ” ”The State Public Service remains an integral part of this administration and we appreciate their contributions to the commendable performance of this government.

”It is not only laughable but highly ridiculous that a rational person can accuse Akeredolu of nepotism. This further confirmed the fact that the Ondo State PDP have lost touch with reality. It’s on record that the Akeredolu-led government has always placed merit above mediocrity in all manner of appointments and promotions in the State civil service, and promotion of civil servants is at when due.

”PDP’s baseless constant attack is, therefore, gradually becoming comic relief to discerning minds because people now see through them and can easily predict their twist to every action and inaction of Akeredolu.

”Rather than focusing on how to organize itself and settle the endless internal crises afflicting its organs, the PDP is crying wolf where there is none. Their case is pathetically understandable, the party is already dead and desperately searching for ways of gaining people’s sympathy. Unfortunately for them, the people knew the economic hardship their administration brought to this country and Ondo State. The Akeredolu-led government will not relent or get distracted by the antics of PDP in its efforts to make the sun shines brighter in our dear state, again.

”From their game so far, it’s vividly clear that the PDP doesn’t know how to play opposition and present themselves as the best alternative. They lack the basic rudiment of playing opposition with decency. They need to be schooled in these regards. They are now desperately using lies and propaganda to draw sympathy, while the good people of Ondo State had already concluded that something good can never come out of them.

‘’ I hereby urge the Public Servants in Ondo State, and indeed the general public, to ignore the unholy antics of the PDP and strengthen their support for the Akeredolu-led government, as we continue to make the best use of our resources to develop Ondo State in the best interest of all. Luckily, the people are now wiser and are undeterred by the bundle of falsehoods being spread daily by the PDP against the present administration.

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