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Olowo’s selection ’ll be fair, transparent – Ojomoluda

Olowo’s selection ’ll be fair, transparent – Ojomoluda

From Jimoh Ahmed
The process for the selection of a new Olowo will be transparent and fair, as all qualified contestants will be given equal treatment whenever the Olowo stool is declared vacant.

The Ojomoluda of Ijebu –  Owo, Oba Kofoworola Oladoyinbo Ojomo stated this in an interview with The Hope in his palace.

“There is going to be fairness. That position is not a marketable commodity. If you have all the monies in this world you can’t purchase it. We are also not ignoring traditional way of getting our Oba”.

Oba Oladoyinbo who said the responsibility of selecting a new Olowo rests solely on the Senior Omolowos however said until the stool is declared vacant, no one can show his intention to go for it.

According to the monarch, there is no vacancy concerning the Olowo stool for now and until the relevant authority has declared otherwise, those interested should exercise patience.

On the criteria for selecting a new Olowo, the Ojomoluda declared that what the Omolowos are looking for is somebody who has the love and desire for the progress of Owo.

“What we expect of the new monarch or any traditional ruler is the love and desire for the progress of the town and the society, but this is not taught in any school”.

“Leadership nowadays is not based on high sounding educational qualification. It is based on your willingness to serve the people right. What the Senior Omolowos are looking for is a person who will move Owo forward, someone who will improve the lots of the ordinary man. It is not about whether you are a professor, Army General or Medical Doctor”.

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Oba Ojomo also made it clear that there is only one ruling house in Owo and that the Olowo stool is not known for rotation.

“We have just one Dynasty, the Elewokun dynasty or ruling house. Anybody that comes from the male line of the royal family, provided he is sane and qualified too, is always considered “.

The monarch however refered anybody that is in doubt over this, to look at the government position on this as it has been documented.

Allaying the fear of a possible crisis over the final decision of the selection, Oba Ojomo said the crisis that greeted the selection of Oba Folagbade some twenty years ago was because politicians interfered in the process.

He therefore warned politicians to steer clear of the process as it is the prerogative of the Senior Omolowos to select a new Olowo and hand same to the Kingmakers for installation.

Olowo’s selection ’ll be fair, transparent – Ojomoluda

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Olowo’s selection ’ll be fair, transparent – Ojomoluda

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