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Ondo, free from fake products –SON

By Tola Gbadamosi
The Ondo State  Coordinator of  the Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON), Mr  Gabriel Agafie,  has declared the state free from fake items.

He made the disclosure to The Metro,  in his Alagbaka office, Akure, the state capital, after the conclusion of the nationwide censure of products with concentrated sugar.

Agafie said the organisation recently conducted a nationwide search for fake sugar in Nigeria and in the process, it found that Ondo state is free from fake sugar.

“We have found Ondo state to be free from notorious activities interns of concenfied products.

“The state is free from fake sugar. Despite the fact that we have some neighbouring states that were found with fake sugar, Ondo State was absolutely free from it.

He added  that since February, he assumed duty in the state till date, there have been no arrest on fake drugs or other items.

“But we ensured that the mandate of the agency is strong in the state, because we do not tolerate expired products being carried out for sales.

“We have seized huge amount of expired products and hope to get more, if any.

“But we are still gathering information, due to surveillance. We had reports that some areas were selling fake items. But we have been able to verify that the stories were not true.

nable suspects do not lose both ways after arrest, we make sure they have knowledge of why they have been arrested.

“This is because most times we go out, we observe that people do not have an idea of confisticated goods, which is out of ignorance.

“We do not penalise them, but educate them.

“You will find out that people don’t check the expiration dates on any product they buy. These are suppose to be highly educated people.

The coordinator advised members of the society to be more vigilant, while buying  any item, saying ” people should learn to look at the expiry date before purchasing any items. Always watch out for the logo of the product.

“We identified some of these associations and we met with them and took our time to visit them one after the other.

“We realised most people do not know the function of expiry date. Anytime you buy any product  check your expiry date. We should make out time to extract information of all kinds to know latest happenings.

He also charged them to brace up in their wealth of experience to attend seminars that will enable them in the discharge of their duties.

Aqgafia commended the present administration for assisting Small Scale businesses.

“It is a good thing to be a peaceful state free from fake products. The government has created an enabling environment for people to live outside fake items.

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