Ondo pilgrims set for lesser pilgrimage

By Fatima Muraina


Ondo State Muslim pilgrims have visited the historical places in the city of Medina, Saudi Arabia during the weekend and are set to perform Ummurah, the lesser hajj In Mecca.

This was disclosed by a reliable source among the state pilgrims for the 2023 pilgrimage rites.

According to the source, the state pilgrims have performed their Jumat service at the holy Prophet Muhammed’s mosque in Medina on Friday and had on Saturday, visited historic sites in Medina

According to the source, places visited include:  Kubah Mosque (the first mosque where jummat prayer was observed when the prophet got to Medinah) masjid qiblatain (The mosque with two qiblah), the mountain of Hud where Sayidna Hamzah was buried.

It was also disclosed that the pilgrims are set for the performance of Ummurah lesser pilgrimage at the holy land in Mecca.

The lesser pilgrimage entails  visit to the Miiqot where they will put on their hiram  (white cloth) and perform the necessary bath and then head for Tawarf (running round the sacred heart of the Kaaba.

In a telephone chat with the  Chairman of Ondo State Muslim Welfare Board, Alhaji Dikirullah Chandy Adam, he confirmed that the pilgrims would on Sunday June 11 move from Medinah to Mecca,  Mukarramah stopping at our Miiqot to assume  Ihrams (white garment).

He said the pilgrims who arrived in two batches on the June 6th and 7th had arrived Medina from Lagos for the purpose of  visitation to historic sites.

Another pilgrim who pleaded anonymity said  the process of taking off was changed due to the challenges of Ilorin terminal and that a flight took them from Ilorin international Airport to Muritala Muhammed International airport Lagos where another flight airlifted  them  to Saudi Arabia.

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Ondo pilgrims set for lesser pilgrimage

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Ondo pilgrims set for lesser pilgrimage

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