Ondo SSG pays glowing tribute to Akeredolu

Dear Aketi,

You have torn our hearts into pieces.
Wednesday, December 27, 2023 will go down in history as one of my saddest days in life, and I am sure for so many people too.

You were a leader, you were a torchbearer, you led by example, you made the work of your lieutenants easy.

YOU WERE CONSISTENTLY CONSISTENT. Your word was enough to take to the bank.

Our paths first crossed when we served as Commissioners in the administration of Anthony Ibe Onyearugbulem. As scared of the military as many people were, you would speak truth to power, no matter whose ox is gored. Onyearugbulem loved you to bits.
You had the heart of a Lion, King of the Jungle.

Many years later as Governor you remained consistent about speaking truth to power even though you were part of the nation’s power equation!!!!!!


As my principal I admired the way you handled matters of state. You just wanted the best for everyone.

So Aketi (as everyone fondly called you) se o ti tan naa niyen?!!!!!! This is unfair, this is unfair.

We will move on, yes but the scars will be permanent, we will stop shedding tears at some point but the pain of your departure won’t go.

You left when your nation and state needed you the most but who are we to question God.

“Awa ta j’ewo re ni gbangba, aa yin o ni gbangba, ise owo re gbangba to fi n gba wa ni gbangba”- your most loved song.

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You loved God and trusted HIM, but HE obviously took you away for a reason.

Good night Majestic King of the Jungle.

Princess Catherine Oladunni Odu,
Secretary to Ondo State Government

Ondo SSG pays glowing tribute to Akeredolu

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Ondo SSG pays glowing tribute to Akeredolu

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