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Ondo State Electricity Bid

THE present administration headed by Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu is doing everything to pull Ondo State out of its present economic doldrums to that of buoyant prosperity.
LIKE Carl Jung posited, ”The true leader always led”, and as Walt Disney said, ”All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”. Akeredolu since assumption of office almost four years ago has been leading the state right and had shown the courage to pursue economic prosperity for the Sunshine State as encapsulated in his administration’s five point agenda.
ANOTHER landmark initiative of the administration is the Electricity Power Sector Bill 2020 which has recently been passed into law by the State House of Assembly. It will soon be signed into a law by Governor Akeredolu.
ELECTRICITY has been an albatross in Nigeria, reason many companies, industries that should bring Nigeria into economic prosperity, industrialization and provide job to teeming youths in Nigeria have relocated to neighbouring countries where electricity supply is taken for granted .
THEREFORE, the electricity bill when fully in operation will not only end Ondo’s industrial power crisis, but will also be the much awaited solution to the present power crisis in the Sunshine State.
ALSO, it is a bill in the right direction as it would crown the efforts of the state government to reform the power sector that has been in comatose, thereby creating employment opportunities for the people of the state and break the monopoly of the Benin Electricity Development Company in the state.
THE bill which has as its objectives to generate, transmit and distribute electricity to areas not covered by the national grid in the state will fast track the creation of cottage industries and put total stop to urban migration.
ADDING to this, the electricity bill will fast track industrial growth while artisans and small scale industrialists will now be willing to establish businesses in all parts of the state, while processing factories will spring up in the rural areas where raw materials abound in large quantities instead of going into urban centres where electricity has become a mirage.
WITH the bill when signed into law will propel industrialization and economic activities thereby creating employment opportunities for the people of the state. When you have constant electricity, what it does is to grow small scale businesses like barbing, hair dressing, grinding and others which will spend less on buying fuel everyday.
THE Hope therefore commends the initiative of Governor Akeredolu in ensuring that power generation is frontally confronted and made easily accessible to the masses in all nooks and crannies of the state.
AKEREDOLU having promised the people of Ondo State not to rest on his oars in transforming every sector in the state by his present action has shown that he is ready to consolidate on his industrialization drive which solely depends on electricity to survive and thrive.
WE call on the governor to use the same spirit he used to create Amotekun to achieve this lofty initiative to bring electricity to the people of the state. It is of note that Lagos, Rivers and some other have developed their states independent electricity plants where electricity is generated to their customers and these states have liberated their grips from DISCOs.
THE time to break the monopoly of BEDC in Ondo State is now.
THE Hope identifies with the bold initiative of the state government on the electricity bill as it will improve the economic prospects of the state and also protect the rights of local consumers.


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