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Ondo tackles herdsmen crisis with NLTP

By Fatima Muraina


Ondo state Government has declared its readiness to start the National Lifestock Transformation Programme (NLTP) in order to reduce herdsmen invasions of farms across the state
Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Agriculture, Mr. Sunday Akintomide disclosed this in a chat with The Hope in Akure, the Ondo state capital
Akintomide said the state has agreed to participate in the NLTP programme which is an initiative from the federal government.
“It will be a plus for the state to participate because the herdsmen will not be allowed to take their cows through the farm routes for feeding.
He said the programme has a specialised area where there is what he called a ‘feed lot’ to provide food for those particular cows and cattle on a journey.
According to him, cattle being transported from one place to another will be taken to the feed lot where they would by fed and returned to their various designations.
“We want to establish a place where imported cattle brought in vehicles would be made to stop, eat, drink water and exercise their body for some days before moving them to their designations through a truck so that they could have had enough feed from the lot”, he said.
This, he opined will curb the herdsmen invasion of the farms so that farmers can return to their various farms for food production.
Akintomide disclosed that the state government is partnering with the Good and Agricultural Organisation FAO to establish a five hectare demonstration site for the Feed lot project.
He noted that some grains like maize, sorghum and many other cow feed will be grown and processed at the feed lot for easy accessibility for the cows.

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