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Operation Rise & Pray

By Kayode Kolawole


And he said unto them, Why sleep ye? rise and pray, lest ye enter into temptation. Luke 22 : 46.
In the preceding verse to this Luke 22 : 46, the Bible says “And when he rose from prayer, and was come to his disciples, he found them sleeping for sorrow.” In order to kill sorrow, prayer was commanded by Jesus. Jesus himself was a man of prayer so he was not commanding his disciples to perform an action he was not practicing.
He gave them this command when trials and temptations were imminent as recorded in verse 46 of this chapter. “While he yet spake, behold a multitude, and he that was called Judas, one of the twelve, went before them, and drew near to Jesus to kiss him ” Right from that moment, the time of trial and temptations of the disciplines commenced.
In relation to this event, I’m calling our attention to the topic titled *OPERATION RISE & PRAY* Why? Until You Pray, The Following Will Not Happen.
* Precious promises that are prayer dependent may not come into reality.
* Blessings that were stolen in the past may not be recovered.
* Better and greater glory that are in the horizon may be truncated by evil forces as it was in the case of Daniel in Babylon.
* Hardship that are suppose to give way to comfort will remained adamant until the artillery of prayers are set in motion as demonstrated by Jabez.
* Divine inspirations that are needed which are vehicles of solving critical problems may not appear.
* The expected spiritual speed that is needed in the journey of life may not be made available until the right prayers are prayed.
* All physical and spiritual forces that are expected to function in our favour may be reluctant unless the force of prayer is set in motion.
* Expansion and elevation that are suppose to be the result of diligent and legitimate efforts may become an illusion if we do not engage the spiritual engine of prayer under the sun in the sight of God.
Prayer takes effect when a concerned man/woman set time aside in a particular place at a given point in time with a specific point or a series of points to come to God the father by faith in the name of Jesus with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, having a pure heart and a clean hand for the purpose of obtaining answers that will glorify God and bring benefits to humanity.

Facts From The Above Definition
– There must be a praying man .
– The praying man must be a concerned man not a casual man.
– There must be a particular burden at a time.
– The point of prayer must be in tandem with the promise of God.
– The desired point of prayer must be according to the perfect will of God.
– The prayer must be directed to God the father alone not to any mystical personality.
– The prayer must be only in the name of Jesus for at the mention of the name of Jesus…..
– Serious time must be set aside for result oriented prayers.
– The inspiration of the Holy Spirit must be the source of our prayer not the forces of emotions and intellect.
* The glory of God must be the principal desire when a man is in the place of prayer.
* Three levels of chronological faith must be put to action in the process of prayer which are:
1. Before you begin your prayer, you must have faith. The Pre Prayer Faith.
2. When you are praying, faith is an imperative not a casual option. The Current Faith For Fervent Prayer.
3. After you have finished praying, faith is needed as the vehicle that shall convey the answer from the realm of the spirit to the physical reality. Faith That Draws Expectations To Reality.
– Pure heart that can make faith grow and clean hands that can receive from God when the answers come must be consistent companions of a man who wants to successfully receive from God.

Few attributes of champions in the place of prayer.
“Miraculous abundance usually cover their lives while others shall keep grumbling about their life style.
” They are physical and spiritual forces and sources of blessing to others who are too busy to pray but not too busy to suffer and grumble.
“Their continuous and constant fellowship with God is a vehicle of free communion with God that releases the mind of God to them.
” The light of God constantly shines upon them in the generation they belong to above fellow human beings.
“They do not live in fear as others do because they conquer problems that are higher than others in the place of prayer and put such problems under their own feet.
” They serve God with pure and perfect zeal that gives them joy while others who are strangers in the place of prayer are often encumbered by darkness whose source they cannot understand.
“Unexpected satanic attacks cannot shake their faith in God because the power of divine presence of God is fully in abundance.
Beloved, we are speaking about Operation Aries & Pray. Jesus asked the disciples, Why Sleep Ye? The disciples were sleeping because Satan didn’t want them to benefit at all from the profit of prayers. Let it be known unto you that the only evidence you can show to this generation is the result of your prayer. Now that you are sleeping, how shall you distinguish yourself from the others who are weeping and sorrowing in the valley of life. The answer is simple, engage your life and time in the assignment which Jesus ordered and ordained for his disciples. Arise And Pray.
As you are rising to embrace this instruction, the benefits that are loaded in prayers shall distinguish you from now till the end of your life.

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