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Orange planting

By Fatima Muraina


Land Preparation

It involves clearing bushes, removing stumps, trees, stones, rocks and every other obstacle that may reduce the size of the available crop producing land.

It is very important to remove every tree that may form shades for the young plants as Orange plants are not shade-loving.

Land preparation can be done with the help of manual labour or mechanized labour, although the choice of labour depends on the size of the land. It  also involves application of fertilizer or manure to enhance land fertility.

 Get Healthy Orange Nurseries

Orange nurseries should be bought from reputable farms. Ensure that these nurseries are obtained from a reputable source and are well treated to avoid pests and diseases.

 Plant The Nurseries

It is very important to plough the land before setting up nurseries. It should be planted at times during the rain season when the rain has fully started.

Dug holes should be wide enough and deep enough to accommodate the entire root system. Averagely, the holes for planting the young plants should not be more than 3-4 inches deep, while also making sure that a 10-15 ft distance per stand is given to allow enough rooms for the plant to grow its branches. Ensure that the trees are planted no deeper than they had grown in their nurseries.


It is important to be very observant. Insect pest attacks and fungal disease can be checked by applying certain chemicals at concentrations depending on the plant’s development. This should be done under the supervision of an expert.


Normally after about two years, the trees should start producing fruits, although not in very large quantity, but the yield is expected to always increase at every harvest season.

One good thing about this Agribusiness is that there is no need to replant trees as they wil be there to consistently produce for as long as the owner desires, so long maintenance is taking seriously.


Your market should be readily available. It is also important to make  arrangements before hand . Local companies that need oranges as raw material for transportation. manufacturing other products can also be contacted before harvest to strike up a supply deal.


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