Owo/Ose fed constituency organize debate for candidates

From Agboola Fesobi, Owo
Owo blazed a new trail in the democratic process on Saturday as contestants seeking elective offices in Owo and Ose local governments were compelled to woo voters through an open debate.

The contestants who  cut across political parties were questioned on their party manifestoes in a bid to convince the electorate why they should vote for them.

For several hours, each of the 13 candidates were subjected to a barrage of questions on what they will do to improve the lives of their constituencies.

Some of the candidates were seen sweating profusely as members of the audience took them up on national issues which exposed their incompetency as some of them obviously did not bargain for such intelligent questions.

Earlier, the coordinator of the debate forum and Chairman of ‘Owo is One’, Chief Akinboro Aruwajoye implored the voters in the two local governments to choose wisely in the coming election.

Aruwajoye said the debate was meant to give the voters the opportunity to appraise those seeking elective offices with a view to making the right decision.

It has also broaden the democratic values where the participation in politics and jostling for elective position in the area should not only be peaceful but be devoid of rancour and disharmony among the people.

Part of the highlights of the programme was the signing of peace pact by the participating parties and their candidates.

Those who participated in the debate were: Adeyemi Olayemi (APC Constituency 11 Owo), Ogunmolasuyi Olawale West (APC Constituency 1 Owo) Awosusi George (SDP Constituency 11 Owo) Folorunso Abayomi (SDP Constituency 1 Owo) Ayokunle Adedeji (ZLP Constituency 1 Owo) Owajalaye Olumide (PDP Constituency 11 Owo), Oluwatoyin Adams (PDP Constituency 1 Owo), Olupona Joseph (ADC Constituency 11 Owo), Oluyede Olusola (Constituency Ose) House of Representatives Members: Timehin Adelegbe (APC Ose/Owo), Hon Bode Ayorinde (PDP Owo/Ose), Bukunyi Olateru-Olagbegi (MDP Owo/Ose) and Hon. Eni Omosule (ZLP Ose/Owo).

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