Oyetola: Pursuing the greatest good of the people

Oyetola: Pursuing the greatest good of the people

By Ayodele Fagbohun
It is strange and jejune that some conservative right wing elements within the leadership, rank and file of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) are shedding crocodile tears over the outcome of the Supreme Court verdict in Osun guber polls validating the election of Gboyega Oyetola of All Progressives Congress (APC) as the popularly elected governor of Osun State.

The Supreme Court as the final court of arbitration in the land in its landmark judgement handed down a lucid, incisive and comprehensive verdict which was explicit and distinct to the layman not given up to any mischief making.

The Court had last Friday quashed the appeal filed by the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and its candidate in the September 2018 Governorship Election in Osun State, Ademola Adeleke, challenging the victory of Oyetola of the All Progressives Congress (APC) at the poll.

The seven man panel of the Apex Court, in a split judgement of five to two affirmed Oyetola’s victory.

Justice Rhodes – Vivour who delivered the lead judgement agreed with Oyetola’s lawyer, Chief Wole Olanipekun (SAN) that the absence of a member of the tribunal, Justice Peter Obiorah from the proceedings of February 6, 2019, but was the one who wrote the lead judgement of the tribunal had rendered the entire proceedings of the tribunal and its judgement a palpable nullity.

Against this backdrop, this should have convinced the doubting Thomases in the People’s Democratic Party and their friends that the games was up and had gallantly lost the battle for the political soul of Osun in the face of the cast iron prima-facie evidences against their self righteous and presumptive claims to own the land;, not back up with either empirical or scientific proofs.

Whilst commending the courage and astuteness of the petitioner, the PDP candidate for quickly coming into terms with the political reality and having exhausted every means to actualize his aspiration through constitutional means, Senator Ademola Adeleke did not tarry in congratulating his fellow compatriot, victorious governor, Gbenga Oyetola in the spirit of good sportsmanship with “malice towards none”.

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It is indeed unfortunate and a sad commentary that the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has so soon forgotten its underdog and pariah status in the political evolution of the South west geo-political zone in particular and the harmful effects on the country as a whole in the recent past.

The party was a dreg in the society, comprising some dubious characters and political charlatans whose conduct in the socio-political administration were alien and nothing to write home about as it negates the course of good governance in all its ramification.

As an illustration, when the political development was unfolding in the ongoing Fourth Republic experiment, Chief Bola Ige as dramatis personae and political veteran in the practical field of politics. He alongside with his allies crisis- crossed the entire South West, recruited and organized the political like minds and budding political aspirants into a well planned and ideologically left wing based political parties.

Some progressive and firebrand politicians loathed of becoming membership of any political party with the erstwhile old and  obdurate politicians who by their  acts of omission or commission and outright wickedness had  brought the previous republic politics into sorry pass.

The “old brigade”politicians were avoided like vermin’s initially; and moved en-masse to the defunct All People’s Party (APP) later ANPP and eventually found their natural habitat with the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), leaving the Alliance for Democracy (AD) for the less controversial politicians.

We shall not hesitate to remark that the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) would have fared better in government and administration of the federation beginning from the inception of democratic civil rule in 1999 if not brazenly hijacked and submerged by the rapacious military plutocrats that have consistently pillaged and cornered the national wealth whilst their so called “Corrective” regime lasted and in league with corrupt, frivolous and licentious politicians of yester years which the “Khaki boys” had shown the way of power with ignominy.

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I make bold to say that the Southwest actually attained the golden age when it was under the political guidance and governorship of the following: Chief Adebayo Adefarati of Ondo, Chief Bisi Akande of Osun, Lam Adesina of Oyo; Chief Segun Osoba of Ogun and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu of Lagos, Their counterparts across the country were looking up to them for emulation and to introduce their populist programmes of free education, free health social services in human and capital development and infrastructure which were non pareil and unprecedented.

Common sense dictates that in view of the dynamics of time and the attendant political vicissitudes, we must adjust to the political realities, work assiduously to be relevant and in dire need for the political personae to be up and doing and be in sharp focus to pursue the greatest good of the greatest number of our population.

Chief Adebisi Akande, former Secretary to old Oyo State Government (SSG) under the auspices of  Uncle Bola Ige led defunct Unity Party of Nigeria (UNP) and  the first elected governor of Osun State is a strewd administrator not given to profligacy and  avarice but widely  known and celebrated for his frugality, self discipline and well husbandry of scarce resources for optimal service delivery.

Chief Bisi Akande and the immediate past Governor of Osun, Rauf Aregbesola a.k.a Oranmiyan are in the main crusading for the development of Osun State along ideological line of welfarism inspite of the niggardly resources accrue to the state.

I consider it pertinent at this material time that the new Governor, Alhaji Gboyega Oyetola, insurance guru and progressive politician of formidable clout must key into the relentless and unstoppable struggle of the erstwhile progressive politicians led by Uncle Bola Ige of evergreen memory and the former Interim National Chairman of All Progressives Congress (APC), Bisi Akande yielded positive results that up till this day remains the benchmark of development in Osun state.

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Whilst this column rejoices with and felicitate with Governor Oyetola for his victory at the apex court, I am calling on him and his team to double their efforts and work sacrificially for the greatest number of our population.

The progressives are in firm saddle to reconstruct and continue with re-animated vigour a new political direction and give the people a new lease of life instead of portraying APC  as a ragtag political outfit even worse than the badly defeated political party once in the corridor of power in Osun state. It is sad in the day to put retrogressive thinking cap on our mental luggage.

The leadership of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the sympathizers who weep more than the bereaved should exercise modicum of scruple and sheathe swords of engaging in foul language, unnecessary vitriolic after the apex court had pronounced its verdict, PDP should stop behaving like an interloper, but work in synergy and passion with the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) administration consolidate good governance and promote the well being and welfare of the people and the polity.

A destructive and puerile criticisms is an ill wind which will not blow anyone any good.

Congrats!! Gov. Gboyega Oyetola, the people’s governor.

Fagbohun is a veteran Journalist based in Iju-Itaogbolu

Oyetola: Pursuing the greatest good of the people

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Oyetola: Pursuing the greatest good of the people

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