Oyetola’s Victory At Appeal Court

Oyetola’s Victory At Appeal Court

OSUN  gubernatorial  election was held July  – 2018. Before  then   nature had played an unpleasant  trick on the state which is the source  of the Yoruba race  and culture. With a dynamic  population of politically informed  citizens, and performing leadership handicapped by the  economic recession, the state  was doing its best to reward and reinforce the acceptability of All  Progressives Congress  as truly progressive. Late Senator Isiaka Adeleke  was another star in the party and he had signaled his  intension to bear  the gubernatorial flag .

UNFORTUNATELY, death struck and took away the progressive aspirant. The brother,  Nurudeen did not satisfy  APC to inherit the investment of the late senator in the politics of the state. Peoples Democratic Party  (PDP) took advantage of the resultant ill-feeling and secured prominence for Nurudeen as he had earlier won the bye election to replace his brother in the  senate  and shortly also he became its gubernatorial candidate.

WHEREAS charisma is not automatically  transferable,  with dancing  step,  the new senator Adeleke  became a big fish in the politics of Osun , and the PDP worked hard  to harvest this reward. Here  both the incumbent APC and the powerful contender  were  in the gubernatorial contest  neck by neck , creating a stalemate and the  gubernatorial election was declared  inconclusive by the Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC).

THE rescheduled election delivered victory to Adegboyega  Oyetola . Though the merging  of victory was narrow, the reception  given the winner at declaration in July 2018 and the glamour and glee  that attended the  inauguration in September 2018 further confirmed  not only the victory  but also the joy of various interests  in Osun politics. It was therefore  anti climax  when that victory was upturned in favour of senator Adeleke at election petition February in  2019.

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THE pronouncement  of the Court  of  the  Appeal  in favour of  Oyetola on Thursday May 9, 2019 was a soothing balm  to the governor and  his party. In spite of the fact that there is still one major river to cross,  the fact that the majority  of the judges,  that is,  four to one  confirmed, the victory of APC and the candidate, call for celebration. Again that the Appellate Court  faulted the  process at the tribunal also,  in a way,  reinforces confidence that the  Supreme Court  would speak joy. More importantly, that the senator Adeleke and PDP on one hand  and governor Oyetola and APC on the other   have sought the final say from judicature gives hope to our democracy.

THE HOPE salute the conduct of the Osun political class so far and wishes that the Omoluabi attitude  to politics  must not only be sustained, but also improved upon  remembering that charity begins at home.

AGAIN, now before  the final verdict , Governor Gboyega Oyetola should begin to demonstrate  magnanimity  in victory. The gentle man that he is, should remain focused in taking Osun to the next  level  and refuse to be distracted by inter party conflict which  he should  discourage, and move forward to rally the whole  of Osun  political class behind him for the  onerous task.

It  is also imperative  for politicians  to be consistent  and not just opportunistic. The Nigerian politics of tomorrow  is definitely not for the defector. Everyone preparing for  a space in politics should  henceforth join a political party and start to play a role from the unit level to the ward level, making themselves  and their persons known.  So  they can be understood, corrected and integrated into appropriate unit. This mentorship is essential to improve quality of socialization and  recruitment of the party .

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THIS is also an opportunity  to caution the Nigerian political class to put their various  parties  in order . They  should demonstrate the spirit of  sportsmanship   within the  party and in all inter-party  contests.

WE  of  The Hope believe  that given  a patriotic spirit of nation building , there are  enough institutions and regulations to make this system work. Unnecessary  litigation undermined institutions and their personnel. Politicians should  reduce  unnecessary  burden placed  on INEC if they play  by the rules  and encourage members and aspirants  to be faithful, loyal and honest. Nobody  profits from bugging down the system. Let the political class device an efficient   mechanism  for bargaining, conflict resolution  and a determination to make Nigeria work.

THE amount of desperation or commitment, funding and determination invested in office seeking and  electioneering is so enormous. The elite should diversify and invest that much into seeking solution to challenges in curbing corruption, providing energy and power and making Nigeria economy work.

WE congratulate Isiaka Adegboyega  Oyetola, executive Governor of the state of  Osun and wish him final victory at the apex  court.  We also share  in the joy of Osun voters and progressives who started another round of expression  of approval through jubilation on Thursday .

THE HOPE  wishes All Progressives Congress and  His Excellency, Gboyega  Oyetola  a  resounding  victory at the Supreme Court  and in delivery  of good governance in the State of  Osun.

Oyetola’s Victory At Appeal Court

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Oyetola’s Victory At Appeal Court

Letter to the Editor: 13/5/2019

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