Pants for money ritual real-Religious leaders, traditionalist

By Saheed Ibahim
As the ugly trend of money ritual among the youth continues to plague our society, there seems to be no remedy to it anytime soon. The youth have moved from the era of “Yahoo” to “Yahoo plus” and from there to money ritual of different dimensions – harvest of human organs, decapitation of victims among others. The prevalent form of this money ritual is the use of female panties, used menstrual pads and bras.

The rate at which young men steal panties for money ritual has increased tremendously and it is noticed virtually every corner of our society. It started with stealing of female panties from the cloth-line or wherever they are spread to attacking ladies and women to demand for their panties. This has led to some ladies’ resolution not to wear panties again because of fear of being used for money ritual by these sons of the underworld.

News abound now that whenever these female panties predators attack ladies’ hostels or lodges, they go as far as giving those without panties new ones to wear for some minutes before the panties are retrieved.

The world has really changed, unfortunately not for better. Many youths are now in haste to make quick money. Many of them are not ready to “hustle” in other to make legitimate money and become successful. Crave for huge money, big cars, big girls and unmerited affluence has become the order of the day among young guys. Some have used their girlfriends, mothers, friends and their loved ones for rituals. Many are into armed robbery while some are into kidnapping. With all these in our midst, everybody is now cautious as it is difficult to really identify who the predators are.

In lieu of this latest development, religious leaders from the three religions in Nigeria (Christianity, Islam and Traditional) have shared their opinions on this ugly development among the youth, especially the males.

A traditionalist, the Sapetu of Ero Kingdom, Chief Agbotifayo Adekunle, who spoke with The Hope in Yoruba, established that money ritual with the use of female panties is very real. He noted that it has been in existence long before civilisation, adding that the current trend is just a modernised form of it.

In his words, “It was not as rampant as this. It is usually perpetrated by people who are in haste to make money and wealth. They look for menstrual pads, panties, bras or tissue papers. Those who do not know how to take care of themselves become victims of money ritual”

“You know that we are now in a civilised world. Everything has changed with technology in place. Everything is changing with time. You know in Yoruba land, the Yorubas have really gone far in terms of knowledge, wisdom and understanding. It is very real. If a lady’s pant is taken or any part of her body, in those days, there was nothing like yahoo but now, we have it. And this yahoo has different levels. There is something called yahoo plus. Those yahoo plus have added diabolical means to their operation. They are the ones using panties, bras and the likes.”

Chief Agbotifayo also noted that female panties and used menstrual pads are not the only items that can be used for rituals, stating that “some can also use handkerchief in a way that any lady whose body is wiped with the handkerchief has become unfortunate. It is just that the panties are bras are the latest they are looking for. Very soon, you will start hearing something different that they will start looking for”

“If you notice now, some people have started looking for female urine – where a lady urinates, they will pack the soil”, he added.

Chief Agbotifayo stated that there was no remedy or any reversal mechanism known to him to revive anyone who was used for money ritual of this nature, adding that it would be unknown to the victim and her family until she died. In his words, “It will take the intervention of God. The victim will become lean and people will think the person has diabetes or AIDS without knowing that such person’s bra, panties or any part of her body has been used. So, the person will only be redeemed by the power of God”

He advised that ladies and women should ensure that they are cautious of how they handle their panties and be careful of the kind of friends they keep, adding that “they can wash their panties at night and spread in their rooms. In the morning, they should pack them and keep”

Reacting to this money ritual trend, the Chief Imam of Aponmu town, Mr Ashiru Mukail also noted that this form of ritual is not happening for the first time, saying there were cases of it in the time past.

Narrating his experience, the Imam said, “Someone has come to me before that her used menstrual pad was picked by another person but it was difficult for her to ask the person. So I gave her some prayer points to pray with the belief that there is no problem without a solution”

“Sometimes many things may happen, like when kidnappers abduct people and they will discover that some of them cannot be used for rituals. It is because they must have observed some prayers or the prayers of their parents and they will be set free. We have seen it and we have also heard it from people.”

“If it happens that someone panties is stolen and she can inform us before it is too late, we can recommend some prayers for her. Even if the pant is eventually used, it won’t have any effect on her”

Imam Mukail noted that the cause of this high rate of money ritual among the youth was due to the fact that the youth were in haste to make money, “they are trying to be what they are not destined to become”.

In his words of advice, he said, “We should make our children know God when they are growing up because a child that knows God at childhood will not seek worldly things. You can aspire to be great in life but not by cutting corners or through immoral ways, not killing a fellow human before you become successful. We must expose our children to God at childhood. I will advise the women not to be careless because prevention is better than cure”.

In his own reaction, Pastor Adebayo Gbenga Olanrewaju of the Redeem Christian Church of God, Adebowale, Akure stated that “there is always a way that every time, every season, the devil tries to bring something out. And the cause of all these is because some people have decided to follow the footsteps of their master which is the devil”.

Pastor Olanrewaju berated the youth of nowadays for being lazy and foolish at the same time, noting that God will not bless foolishness and laziness. In his words, “They want something like quick quick, something that brings money quick quick. They don’t want to work, they don’t want to go to school and they want to ride big cars, the best girls in town”

He emphatically stated that the ritual is real and “the moment they use them (the ladies), it will take God, mark my word, it will take God because it is irreversible. The moment they use those girls, they are finished, they are gone”.

Pastor Olanrewaju identified that the only way out is for everyone to return to God because “you cannot do anything outside God or after God”.

“If you are a Christian, make sure that you serve your God. If you are a Muslim, make sure that you call upon your God. We know that in the Christian cycle, we have some bad eggs, among the Alfas, we have bad eggs but we should follow what is real”, he advised.

Imam Mukail and Pastor Olanrewaju both advised women to be cautious, careful and prayerful.

Some of the ladies who spoke with The Hope expressed fear over the money ritual trend. Miss Rebecca Oni said she had already decided not to put on panties again, because “I am very scared that no one should use my glory, I have already burnt all my pants, I don’t use anything again, I do wear trouser. As a lady, after using the pad I will flush it in the toilet.

Miss Damilola Akande said that she had stopped spreading her panties on the line, adding that she only washed her panties and dried them with iron. In her words, “I don’t spread my pants outside because of things going around about ritual logo Benz like when they take your pant they will use it for  ritual and me I don’t want them to use me for ritual.”

Also, Miss Oluwapelumi Ipinmoroti in her own reaction said, “I used to spread my pants outside before and I will spread my cloth on it, so when the logo Benz thing is now out, I do spread my pants inside, I still wear pants”.

Miss Sarah Ademigoke, who narrated how a female hostel in her school was raided by some young men who came to rob the ladies of their panties and potties, said all she did after washing her panties was to dry them with pressing iron.

Miss Olayinka Adeoye, in her own words, said, “When I heard about I was scared even my mummy was even warning me when I was in school that I should not spread my pants outside, that I should keep inside for it to be safe. Before, after washing it and spread it outside and use loth to cover it but now after washing it I will dry it inside, I have a clip”.

As it stands now, we must all be vigilant and careful, not with just what we wear but also with the kind of people we relate it. In order to eradicate this menace among the youth and the society at large, the government, parents, religious bodies and social groups need to swing into action as soon as possible.

Government, through its agencies, needs to bring the perpetrators into justice so they serve as deterrent to others. The guys involved and their herbalists must be made to face the wrath of law. Parents must ensure they give no support to any of their children suspected to be involved in yahoo, yahoo plus or money rituals. Suspecting parents should endeavour to report their children, whose conducts are suspicious, to the appropriate agencies.

Churches, mosques and social groups should always condemn any of these ugly acts and warn their members against their consequences. Every individual also has roles to play. You must report suspicious people, irrespective of their relationship with you, to the police because you may be their next victim.

With our combined effort and determination, we can put an end to his evil acts in our society.

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