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Pastor seeks divorce over frequent fight

Bamidele Kolawole

A middle aged pastor, John Oluwole Alabi, has approached a Grade ‘A’ Customary Court sitting in Oke-Eda, Akure, to dissolve his 16-year-old marriage, alleging his wife of being a trouble maker.

The petitioner, Alabi, a father of one told the court that his estranged wife was a terror, saying her attitude killed the love they have for each other at the early stage.

He said his wife, Mrs Naomi Alabi, deliberately packed her belongings and took their daughter to her new rented apartment in Akure after a quarrel without his permission.

” She was not like this before. She always quarrel with me because of her regular and continuous disobedience, including the new life she suddenly chose to live.

“My wife deprived me of seeing  our 16-year-old daughter for like four months. If I call her that I want to see my daughter she would curse me. My daughter was impregnated and she used overdose drugs  such that she could not talk and  her mother brought her to me, I used all my power to resuscitate her and she started talking.

“My wife told me that she instructed the girl to come and introduce her husband to me, but I told her that I will not subscribe to that idea because I have not given my daughter to any husband.

“This is the second pregnancy my daughter is carrying. The first one was aborted. That is a girl that just finished Secondary School.

“She withdrew my daughter from the school I put her. She was fond of always insulting me. Whenever we had any minor argument, she would call all the neighbours to our house.

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He, said he was tired of the union, urging the court to dissolve the marriage and save his life from untimely death.

The respondent, Naomi Alabi, 42, a fashion designer told the court that she was not opposed to the petitioner’s prayer for divorce.

She explained that the petitioner always abused her and was fond of calling her different names.

“My husband cannot tolerate me. I may be playing with him sometimes, he would just “look at you and the way you are laughing like a mad woman. He likes insulting me as if I am nobody.

“I stood by him. I suffered in his house so that we could become successful in life. He is adamant to correction and doesn’t take my advice.

“He just hates me for know reason, I don’t no what I did to deserve the treatment from my husband.

“He was the one that deflowered me. He deceived me when he was toasting me that he would be my father and everything to me. But when I got to his house, the story changed,” she narrated.

The respondent informed the court that she had been responsible for the welfare and upbringing of their daughter, including payment of her school fees.

The President of the Court, Mr Oluwasegun Rotiba, ordered both parties to embrace peace and look for a way to settle the matter because of their daughter.

The court adjourned the matter till February 15, 2022 for hearing.

Pastor seeks divorce  over frequent fight

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Pastor seeks divorce  over frequent fight

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