PDP’s pyrrhic victory

By Banji Alabi
From the results of the last presidential election,  the opposition -the People’s  Democratic Party (PDP)- cannot validly claim that it won the election in Ondo State, since only a  minority portion of the population participated in the election. With a population of about 4.5 million in Ondo State, getting a total votes of 275,000-approximately 6.1 %- was a monumental failure on the part of the PDP when you consider the power of its unlimited financial resources!

For the 16 years the PDP at the national and the state levels were in the saddle, the party  looted our common patrimony: it stole virtually everything in sight! Its members stole what they do not need.  They stole for themselves, their children, their grandchildren, their great grandchildren, and in fact, they stole for their girlfriends, boyfriends and concubines too! Since he came to office, PMB has recovered trillions from them: houses worth trillions and cars and SUVs worth billions and yet, till date, they’ve shown no remorse. They pretend as if their yesterday’s ills and wrongs were unreal; as if all of us have short memories. They mock us so brazenly as if their fathers and fore-fathers own Nigeria and that you and I are mere foreigners with no rights!

The Dangote refinery in Lagos ought to have been located  in Ondo State but for the antics of the looting colony- what a great loss to the people of Ondo State! Consequently, the PDP must be held responsible for the continued unemployment situation in Ondo State.

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My good people of Ondo State, the last Presidential election was indeed  a very poor showing for the PDP!

PDP is neither popular nor has the confidence of the people, rather, the results only revealed few people who fell for the vote buying antics of the PDP. History is replete with such examples of confused electorates voting against their best interests.  In psychology, it is known as the ‘Stockholm Syndrome,” a condition where the victim displayed unflinching adoration and loyalty to his captor and  tormentor! For instance, in the Bible, the Jews chose Barabbas over Christ, and Baal over the true and only God, Yahweh! The Greeks sentenced Socrates and Pythagoras to death while the Sophists and other assorted charlatans were honored and cherished as the harbingers of truth and knowledge! That’s the reason the Hindus called our time, the age of Khali, whereby ignorance, political expediencies and machinations sadly rule the day!

As evidenced by the poor turnout in the last election, and with its paltry score of only 6.1%,  PDP did not win the last presidential election in Ondo State, the greatest indicting revelation being that about 3.8 million potential electorates snubbed the PDP by simply not participating at all.

The good news is that we have a great opportunity to show our unflinching support for the incumbent Governor- Oluwarotimi Akeredolu SAN at the next election on Saturday March 9, 2019.

Come out en-mass and vote for APC and also do encourage eligible voters you know to do the same!

Ondo State is now targeted for take-over by the PDP because it is the brightest upcoming beacon of hope for business opportunity in Nigeria. The state is gradually becoming the 2nd Commercial Capital of Nigeria- a great stride which, even with the paucity of funds, the Akeredolu-led Government has achieved in less than two years- a rare feat that the previous PDP government couldn’t achieve in whopping 8 years!

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Rotimi Akeredolu-led Government is constructing massive network roads , developing infrastructure, building an Industrial Estate at Ore for massive employment of our youths and the second seaport in the South-West is also in sight to provide job for our teaming youths. Then the flag off of Lagos / Ondo State link road , which upon completion will take just 40 minutes from Lagos to Ondo State

In order to prevent these proven thieves from coming to take over power for revenge-looting of Ondo State, the most potent weapon you have at your disposal is your PVC. Therefore, come out en-mass and chase away these professional thieves with your votes. They are regathering to retake power in Ondo State to resume their stealing and selling of our common wealth to their conniving friends. We must stop them now!


Ondo State is the Sunshine State of Nigeria- yes, we the people of Ondo State are the shining beacon of light for the entire Nigeria and no one will be allowed to keep this light from shining on and on, and even brighter!

Today, the whole world has reached a consensus on a subject matter and that subject matter is this: PDP is a party of looters and must therefore be stopped!

If you ask a 5 years old boy in Nigeria- Lagos, Enugu, Aba, Zamfara; Ghana; or London- just mention any place- the verdict would be the same: PDP must not be entrusted with the affairs of Nigeria ever again- no, never! The New York Post described their leader as a discredited and corruption personified politician! The London News likewise took him to the dry cleaners & scrubbed him thoroughly! Yet they carry on with spiteful arrogance: till date I have observed no evidence of genuine repentance from the party of looters!

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Repentance comes with voluntary payback (that is, restitution). I am a soldier of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and the Bible defines a thief as more than just a vile individual whose singular purpose is to steal:

John 10:10 New International Version (NIV): “The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy…”

Therefore, say “No!” to PDP: VOTE APC

If I could reach out of this screen and hug, I would hug every member of the Ondo State Polytechnic (RUGIPO) Community and indeed every well meaning citizen of Ondo State —Please consider this as my hug and thank you all for your support and tenacity. I encourage all of us to come out on Saturday March 9 and vote for APC and thereby not to do anything to strengthen the hands of our enemies to distract the state government from its set developmental goals.

Banji Alabi Esq, Chairman RUGIPO Governing Council.

PDP’s pyrrhic victory

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