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‘Playing saxophone doesn’t enlarge testes’

‘Playing saxophone doesn’t enlarge testes’

By Bamidele Kolawole
A popular Saxophonist, Adejuwon Oluwafemi popularly known as Femi Sax has said that playing saxophone does not mean that  testes or intestine will  become enlarged .

In this interview with Friday Extravaganza, he noted that he can play saxophone for seven hours non stop and he won’t get tired.

The artiste who hails from Ijurin, in Ekiti State said that he dabbled into music due to the passion and love he has for it.

A graduate of Microbiology from Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, noted that he has been into music for six years, saying he can rehearse averagely for three hours in a day.

“I am a kind of person that was brought up in church settings. Right from when I was in the kindergarten, I played drums in church and in my house, you have to belong to a department in the church.

“I could remember the first day I performed in a church. I was so shy facing the crowd and playing. Normally, I do close my eyes when I play because I will be very shy to just face people and perform but over time, I got used to it. Now I can face  crowd since I know what I want to do.

“People see us when we play as if we are doing stressful job but that is not true. The technique is just a matter of little air, it is  just like when you are able to produce a long breath  to make a sound. It is not as hard as people thought .

“I have being in music for six years. I started music when I was in Ibadan. I came down to Akure when I was a Corps member in 2016.

“When I started to play the saxophone, my mother was not really in support  because  she said  when  I play it  my intestine will be big or  my testicles will be big but I convinced her and she was not really ready to be convinced.

“But there was a time she saw me really performing so well and she was really happy that this is my son and since then I have been trying to make her proud of me with what I’m doing, she has been supporting me since then”, he explained.

According to him, being a saxophonist has not been easy  in  this part of the country. He said they are not appreciated for what they invest to make sure their instrument is  in good condition to earn a living.

He noted that he was not being appreciated but the fact is that the passion of what he is doing kept  him moving. It is not about what he has been offered in the society.

Femi Sax stated some of the  challenges he faced since he started his music career to include  sponsorship  promotion and    to get people to see what one is doing has been a challenge .

He noted that a lot of people are enjoying what we  are doing but  they are not  supporting us.

In his words,  he  hope to  find himself in a suitable environment where he will be able to develop himself and be the musician he really want to, when people will really want to pay for  his services. By then,  plans to  quit any other job he is  doing to face music fully.

He mentioned one of his mentor to include Mike Aremu, a jaxsist, and the number one African saxophonist.

According to him, he was  baking  himself before he expose himself to the public.

He urged upcoming artistes,  to do their  work well and added that entertainment is what can  launched  them into fame.

Owena Press Limited (Publisher of The Hope Newspaper), Akure

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