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The snail is so small

It’s a slow animal

Some count it’s meat as golden

There was a long sword

Which always shine when fighting

With a golden stone

There was a magic book

That knows all pictures of life

There was a golden ring inside it

     Olowooye Ayomide

   Brain Light Montessori School


I can smell the flowers

I can smell the trees

I can touch the rivers

I can feel the breeze

The children are playing

The birds are singing

The grasses are swaying

The bells are ringing

Nature is beautiful

Creation is wonderful

The sun is shinning bright

The work of God is perfect

     Okunade David

   Brain Light Montessori School






Welcome, oh thou northern visitor Your arrival recasts creation day.

Welcome sands of the Sahara

We bid you hasten through our southern homes.

Haze, haze, haze! everywhere.

Cold, Cold, Cold! as if we have complained.

Yet we have neither complained

Of too clear a sight nor too hot a weather.

You have come in your furry

As if propelled by the divine light

To cool the heat generated by the serpent

Here down South

In your furry

You have cracked all lips

And tortoised all skins as if

They have not been venus gold anointed!

Alas woe a-day

My shuttles cannot hold you back

Neither my flush doors at night

You have chilled my mornings to deep slumber

Go! go! go! cursed winds ‘ That spit fire and consume the crops Away! monstrous word

Your mix of saharan sand and wind chill my soul.

Come now messengers of the south saint To retrive my skin and balm my lips Come, messenger of the Comforter, to wake the greens And revive the dehydrated economy once more!

 Chief  Elemo Oladipo Ojo Abitogun


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