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Poultry farmers applaud govt on N112m grant

By Fatimah Muraina
Poultry farmers in Ondo state have applauded the Federal government  for granting them funds to boost their  business.

The former state chairman of the poultry farmers association , Chief Adedeji Omisami said this during an interview with The Hope .

Omisami disclosed that about 32 poultry farmers benefitted from a  grant of N3.5million each to stock 2,000 birds to improve poultry production.

He also said that some broiler farmers were assisted with day old chicks and feeds..

His words: “Within the last one year, many poultry farmers  got some assistance through the current CBN anchor programme.

He observed that the grant has made poultry business to come back fully in the state, praying that they have good markets for the products.

His words: “If a farmer  produces eggs and  does not get people to buy at desired prices samething with those producing broilers he  will be discouraged.

He appealed that the state government should  involved  provision of eggs for the school feeding programme so that they can continued to be in business

According to Omisami, with the high cost of production, cost of  chicks,  feed, vaccination  man power and  others,  a crate of eggs supposed to be selling between N900 and N950  but farmers are  being forced to sell at a lower price.

He said some poultry farmers now produce local feeds but that they still obtain most of  the raw materials from the North   because most of the materials can’t be growing here.

Omisami who has been in the business for over forty years ago recalled when a crate was egg was sold for three naira unlike what it is now.

Cost of production he said determines the price of poultry products.

Poultry farmers applaud govt on N112m grant

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Poultry farmers applaud govt on N112m grant

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