Presidency, Miyetti Allah and Ondo State Government

MANY reports emanating from the seat of power in Nigeria sound so incredible in content and context that many people discard them as soon as they are heard. A few of them may be recalled. When power was handed over to the duo of Muhammadu Buhari and Tunde Idiagbon, we learnt that the Lagos State Government had just finalized arrangements to construct a metro line.
THE new Federal Government ordered its cancellation and the state government bore her losses with equanimity. Or is it education, Prof Babs Fafunwa and his team in now Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, came up with a policy of mother tongue in teaching in schools, Moremi High School was the guinea pig. Before we know it, it was going to be a monumental breakthrough. Then, a phone call from Federal Ministry of Education headquarters ordered discontinuation of a policy on education. Triumph of the military command system over a federal system of government. There were many more, they sound weird and incredible.
WHEN these things happen, and they happen so often, citizens of Southern Nigeria, Christians in good number, take it to Jesus in prayer asking for peace and tranquility. They may not take any action, other than to lobby for a review. Except it involves non-release of revenue allocation or a demand for review. Because the wheel of justice grinds slowly and the people always want a quick fix, several issues buttressing on the rights of the people remain unresolved until God will Himself intervene.
SO it was, when in the face of banditry, insecurity, and criminality, government of South West Nigeria launched a security outfit, Amotekun to combat kidnapping, rape, ransom taking, mindless execution of law abiding citizens, the Federal Government declared the action of South West Governments as an of illegality. And it was a good opportunity the President’s spokesman Garuba Shehu had to lecture the people on the rights of Nigerians to settle anywhere of their choice.
WHILE warming up for this unfolding scenario, it was observed that the herdsmen were in the habit of vandalizing farmlands maiming and killing farmers. Where they were overpowered and apprehended, no sooner were they taken to the police station, than they were released through the back door, however horrible the picture was. For the Federal Government of a 200 million population of men and women to sponsor genocide against the majority by a minority beats the imagination of citizens and foreigners as well.
THE HOPE wonders if this government is so contemptuous of its citizens, it does not bother, about its image in the international community, or the consequences of its action and inactions having disclosed at various fora that criminal elements among herdsmen were not Nigerians, have been paid off and much more. And various reports that thousands of these people have been registered through National Identification Number, issuance of international passport, and many more, the question is, does this government bother, whether we perish?
THE Yoruba as a nationality group should feel uncomfortable by the convocation and resolution of the meeting by the Governor’s forum and members of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association in Akure on Monday January 25, 2021. Its composition was faulty, its agenda was misguided, and resolutions were beggarly. The Hope asks whether it is conceivable that any state in the North for that matter would invite Southern delegates to deliberate on issues of internal security? Miyetti Allah has insisted from day one that it would collaborate with Amotekun and to work with Amotekun as a security organisation, in what capacity is it doing that?
MANY policies of government have been terminated on the order of the Fulani clique because they did not fancy them and to the detriment of socio-economic development of Southern Nigeria, this must not be permitted to go that way. The Hope believes it is dangerous to continue to keep issues of national interest unresolved in order to appease a group of individuals. We insist and advocate that all legal steps and strategies must be brought in to ensure an honourable resolution of this impasse. Those occupying the forest reserves of the state illegally must be ejected without any pretense as they constitute immediate and future threat to the people and government of Ondo State.
IT is apposite to inquire whether or not a government that designates a section of its land as Forest Reserve can determine whether or not humans can inhabit there or not, and those who may or not? The earlier this matter is determined at the political and judicial levels the better for the nation. It is not a scriptural or spiritual issue and must not be treated as one.

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Presidency,  Miyetti Allah  and Ondo State  Government

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